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  1. Sagittal Plane
    • (also known as Median)
    • Also called anteroposterior plane, is an imaginary plane running anterior (front) and posterior (back) and superior (top) to inferior (bottom) and splits the body into left and right halves
  2. Frontal Plane
    • (also known as Coronal or Lateral plane
    • runs side to side and superior to inferior, splitting the body into front and back halves
  3. Anterior
    Front of the body
  4. Posterior (or Dorsal)
    Back of the body
  5. Superior
    Top (position above)
  6. Inferior
    Bottom (position below)
  7. Horizontal Plane
    • (also known as Transverse or Horizontal plane)
    • runs from side to side and anterior to posterior, splitting the body into top and bottom halves.  All Saggital planes are perpendicular to all frontal planes, which are perpendicular to all transverse planes
  8. Medial
    Towards the midline of the body
  9. Lateral
    Away from the midline of the body
  10. Proximal
    Nearest to the trunk
  11. Distal
    Away from the center of the body
  12. Superficial
    Near the surface
  13. Deep
    Under the surface
  14. Cephalic
    Pertaining towards the head
  15. Caudal
    Pertaining to the tail end
  16. Unilateral, Ipsilateral or Isolateral
    Refers to one side
  17. Bilateral
    Refers to both sides
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