1. Aerobic process
    one that uses oxygen during the activity
  2. Anaerobic process
    process that does not require oxygen at the time
  3. Central pattern generator
    Image Upload 2

    neural mechanism in the spinal cord or elsewhere that generates rhythmic patterns of motor output
  4. Image Upload 4
    Motion that proceeds as a single organized unit that cannot be redirected once it begins
    Ballistic movement
  5. Image Upload 6Corticospinal Tracts
    axon paths from the cerebral cortex to the spinal cord
  6. Extensor
    Muscle that extends a limb FROM the body
  7. What is the name of the muscle fibers that produce fast contractions but fatigue rapidly, and do they need oxygen?
    If they need oxygen, what is that called - if they don't need oxygen, what is that called?
    • Fast-Twitching fibers
    • Does not need oxygen, however - need plenty of oxygen to refill afterwards
    • No need for oxygen during activity: Anaerobic process
  8. Muscle that flexes a limb against the body
  9. Image Upload 8Receptor that responds to the contraction of a muscle, also known as Spindle organ

    A) Golgi tendon organ
  10. Image Upload 10
    Fixed sequence of Movements that occur as a single unit (hint: tv-show/cars)
    Motor program!
  11. MPTP, MPP are chemicals known to be toxic to the dopamine-containing cells in the substantia nigra, capable of producing the symptoms of which disease?
  12. Image Upload 12Receptor parallel to the muscle that responds to the stretch of a muscle
    Muscle Spindle
  13. Myasthenia gravis (autoimmunal disease) attachs which N.T. receptors at which junctions (sensory/motor)
    Disease in which the immune system attacks the acetylcholine receptors at the nerve-muscle junctions
  14. Neuromuscular junction
    Synapse where a motor neuron's axon meets a muscle fiber
  15. Nuclei of the cerebellum sends axons to which type of areas?
    Clusters of neurons in the interior of the cerebellum that send axons to motor-controlling areas outside the cerebellum
  16. Malady caused by damage to a dopamine pathway, resulting in slow movements, diffi culty initiating movements, rigidity of the muscles, and tremors
    Parkinson's disease
  17. Just anterior to the primary motor cortex, is an area called Premotor cortex - what is the main function regarding movement of this area?
    Planning of a movement
  18. Consistent, automatic response to a stimulus (come on, you know this!)
  19. Image Upload 14
    What Type of Muscles control the movement of the body in relation to the environment (e.g., arm and leg muscles)
    Skeletal (striated) muscles
  20. Image Upload 16
    Striated Muscles aka?
    • Skeletal muscles
    • muscles that control the movement of the body in relation to the environment (e.g., arm and leg muscles)
  21. Image Upload 18
    Muscles that control the movements of internal organs
    Smooth muscles...
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