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  1. Define psychopathology
    Symptoms that cause mental, emotional, or physical pain
  2. Define context?
    The environment and circumstances in which a behaviour occurs
  3. Define cultural relativism?
    • No universal definition of what is abnormal
    • abnormality is relative to specific culture norms
  4. What about gender roles?
    Freud definition: What society considers to be the appropriate behavior of males and females
  5. Define unusualness
    criterion for abnormality that usggests that abnormal behaviours are rare or unexpected
  6. Define discomfort
    behaviours that cause a person great distress should be labelled as abnormal
  7. Define maladaptive
    • also called dysfunctional
    • lost touch with reality and cannot control their thoughts
    • for people who have behaviors that cause physical or emotional harm
  8. define mental illness
    physical illness that causes severe abnormal thoughts, behaviors and feelings
  9. What is the biological theories
    theories of abnormalities that focus on the biological causes of abnormal behaviours
  10. What are psychological theories
    Mental disorders causes by psychological process: beliefs, thinking styles and coping styles
  11. What are the supernatural theories
    mental disorders are the results of supernatural forces ( divine intervention, curses, demonic aurora). Mental disorders can be cured through religious rituals, and maybe death.
  12. Explain trephination
    • Performed during stone ages
    • procedures in which holes were drilled in the skulls of people to allow evil spirits to depart their bodies.
  13. What is a psychic epidemics?
    A phenomena where large numbers of people begin to engage in unusual behaviors that has a psychological origin
  14. Explain moral treatment?
    • A treatment
    • patients are treated with respect & dignity, and encourages to exercise self-control
  15. What is general paresis?
    • disease that leads to paralysis, insanity and then death
    • this established the connection between biological diseases and mental disorders
  16. What is mesmerism?
    • treatment for hysterical patients
    • idea that there are magnetic fluids in patients' bodies, and it is affected by external people and objects
    • treatment procedure is to realign the magnetic force by practioner
  17. What is psychoanalysis?
    • Form of treatment for psychopathology involving alleviating unconscious conflicts that cause psychological conflict
    • essentially help people gain insight into their conflict and finding ways to resolve them
  18. Define behaviourism
    the study of the impact of reinforcements and punishments on behaviour
  19. Define cognitions
    thoughts or beliefs
  20. What is self-efficacy beliefs?
    Believing that one can engage in hte behaviors necessary to overcome a situation
  21. What is deinstitutionalization?
    a social movement for restoring their basic legal rights of psychiatric patients
  22. What is the patients' right movement?
    • a movement to ensure that psychiatric patients retain their basic rights
    • remove them from institutions
    • care for them within the community
  23. What are clinical social workers?
    • people with masters degree in social work
    • helps people over come social conditions which drives psychological problems
  24. What are marriage/family therapists
    people specialized in these relationships to overcome problems that are interfering with their well being
  25. What are occupational therapists?
    • holds a masters degree
    • help individual overcome mental/physical issues that affect their productivity
  26. What so special about psychiatric nurses
    people with a nursing degree who specialized in the treatment of people with severe psychological issues
  27. What is the integrationist approach
    an approach to psychpathology using the biosociopsych model
  28. What is bereavement practices? and define the complicated aspect
    • expected to mourn for their loved one after demise, and then to "let go" and move one instantly after a long period of time
    • itf its complicated, it means they believe they are still talking to their deceased as if they are alive
  29. Cultural relivtism is argued back by what example?
    We should not rely on cultural relitivism to dictate what is abnormal, as this influence was used to justify the Holocaust.
  30. What is drapetomania?
    A sickness slaves got to desire freedom
  31. What are the 3 components of maladaptiveness?
    • The 3Ds
    • distress,dysfunction, deviance
  32. What is the diathesis-stress model?
    • Two elements in the model:
    • a diasthesis: predisposition to devloping a mental disorder
    • and a trigger: usually a stressful life event
  33. What are the criterion that define abnormal psychology?
    • 4 in total
    • cultural relitivism
    • unusualness
    • discomfort
    • mental illness
  34. The three theories that cause abnormal behaviour?
    • biological theories - seen as similar to physical inless
    • supernatural theories - a divine internvention
    • psychological theories - caused from trauma and bereavement
  35. What were the stonge age views?
    They were supernatural believers
  36. What about the chinese and greek?
    • The Chinese believed in supernatural theory ( yin and yang)
    • The Greek believed in biological theories
  37. When did moral treatment first occur?
    In the 18th centuary
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