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  1. 151. rustic (adj)(n)
    characteristic of or resembling country people; rural; plain
  2. 152. salutary (adj)
    promoting health; producing a beneficial effect
  3. 153. sapient (adj)
    sage; discerning; wise
  4. 154. sardonic (adj)
    bitter or scornful; mocking; disdainfully humourous, irony
  5. 155. secular (adj)(n)
    relating to the worldly or temporal, not bound by sacred things or rules
  6. 156. sensibility (n)
    refined sensitiveness in emotion and taste, especially toward the pathetic
  7. 157. sententious (adj)
    moralistic in expression; aphorisitc; given to excessive moralizing
  8. 158. sentimental (adj)
    marked or governed by feeling or sensibility, rather than reason or thought
  9. 159. sinuous (adj)
    winding; serpentine in form, having many curves, bends, turns; circuitous
  10. 160. skeptical (adj)
    doubting; uncertain
  11. 161. sloth (n)
    lazy; indolent
  12. 162. smug (adj)
    highly self-satisfied; complacent
  13. 163. Spartan (adj)(n)
    marked by strict self-discipline and avoidance of comfort and luxury; brave, undaunted
  14. 164. stalwart (adj)(n)
    stout; sturdy; valiant; strong
  15. 165. stasis (n)
    slowing or stopping the flow of bodily fluids (blood); stagnation
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