Government Final

  1. Senate Qualifications
    • 30+
    • Resident in State Elected in
    • 9 yr citizen
  2. President Qualifications?
    • 35+
    • Born in US
    • 14 Yr Citizen
  3. 5 Informal Qualifications for Pres?
    • political exp
    • white
    • male
    • wealthy
    • military exp
  4. 5 Powers of Congress
    • Declare War
    • Pass Laws/Override vetos
    • coin money
    • establish post offices
    • impeach president
  5. Unitary government?
    One level: National
  6. Democracy?
    gov where people have power
  7. U.S Democracy?
    Representative Democracy
  8. Constitution?
    set of rules for gov to follow
  9. Federal Government?
    multiple levels of government
  10. Capitalism? 
    economic system that emphasizes free choice
  11. Wrote the Declaration of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  12. What tells us why Constitution was written?
  13. Slander?
    false speech intended to harm someone
  14. To override a veto what fraction of the congress needs to vote in favor?
  15. Why were amendments added?
    to change with the nation
  16. First 10 Amendments?
    Bill of Rights
  17. First Amendment?
    • Speech
    • Press
    • Religion
    • Petition Government
    • Assembly
  18. 16th Amendment?
    Income Tax
  19. When criminal flees to another state, they must be returned to state the crime was committed in...what is this called?
  20. interstate compact?
    agreement between states
  21. How did Congress pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964? 
    used their power to regulate commerce
  22. bicameral legislature?
    2 houses
  23. Assistants to majority and minority leaders?
  24. process of setting up new congressional districts
  25. presiding officer of House?
    Speaker of the House
  26. President of the Senate?
    Vice President
  27. talking in the Senate in order to kill a bill?
  28. Fillibuster can be stopped with?
  29. line to be president
    • president
    • vice
    • speaker of the house
  30. longest a person can be President
    10 years
  31. group of experts chosen by President
  32. address given by the president?
    state of the union
  33. Great Communicator?
    Ronald Reagan
  34. Who did not run for reelection because of the Vietnam War?
    Lyndon Johnson
  35. What did the Department of War turn into?
    Department of Defense
  36. what is the major power of Congress?
    power of the purse (control of money)
  37. offices of ambassadors
  38. largest agency in Office of President?
    Office of Management & Budget
  39. last resort for questions of federal law?
    Supreme Court
  40. SC decision explanation?
  41. hear appeals?
    appellate jurisdiction
  42. How did the Founding Fathers divide the power among each branch and limit powers?
    • Congress can make laws, SC reeviews the laws to rule them constitutional or not, president can veto the law, congress can override the veto.
    • Bills have to start in the house and go through the process
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