Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) 7

  1. __________is common in warm, moist conditions and is due to inflammation of the sweat glands.
    Heat rash
  2. What are some of the treatments for Heat Stress?

    D. Both a&b above
  3. What is the most serious health problem for workers in hot enviornments?
    Heat Stroke
  4. A properly filled out Hot Work Permit will prevent Heat Stress/ Stroke
    True or False?
  5. What is the normal body core temperature?
    98.6 F
  6. What is the symptom of heat exhaustion?
    Heavy sweating, thirst, skin is clammy, weak and rapid pulse.
  7. When the body reaches 106 Fahrenheit , it is called a heat stroke. What should you do?
    Call for medical help. Lower the body temperature.
  8. What is a symptom of heat rash?
    Inflammation of sweat glands: "Red Blisters"
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Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) 7
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