Science: Cell Divison Part 3

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  1. Occurs when chromosomes fail to separate during meiosis
  2. What can happen during nondisjunction?
    • Chromosomal Abnormality
    • Mutation
  3. What can nondisjunction affect?
    Body Chromosomes as well as as sex chromosomes
  4. Occur when part of a chromosome breaks off
  5. Occur when a part of a chromosome inverts
  6. Occurs when a part of a chromosome doubles
  7. Occurs when parts of chromosomes move to other chromosomes
  8. What does not separate properly during Meiosis?
  9. Medical procedure used in prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abonormalities
  10. A small amount of amniotic fluid, which contains fetal tissues, samples and is used to create a karyotype
  11. The number and appearance of chromosomes in a eukaryotic cell
  12. Most common chromosome disorder, 1/700 affected
    Downs Syndrome
  13. What is Downs Syndrome called?
    Trisomy 21
  14. Downs Syndrome:
    Life Span?
    Shorter Life span than normal
  15. Females lacking an X chromosome
    Turners Syndrome XO
  16. What are the side effects of Turners Syndrome XO?
    • Short stature
    • Webbed Neck
    • Poor Developed sex organs
    • underdeveloped breasts
    • low intelligence
  17. Males with an extra  X chromosome
    Klinefelters Syndrome XXY
  18. Side effects of Klinefelters Syndrome XXY?
    • Underdeveloped sex organs
    • Breasts
    • Woman's body
    • Low Intelligence
  19. Cri du Chat Syndrome:
    • High-pitched cry
    • Low birth weight
    • Slow growth
    • Small head
    • Wide-set eyes
    • Low set ears
    • Mental Retardation
  20. Edwards Syndrome:
    • Small bodied
    • Mental Retardation
    • Clenched fists
    • Heart malformation
    • Small face in proportion to head
    • Average survival time is 2 to 4 months
  21. Deletion of Chromosome 5
    Cri du Chat
  22. Non-disjunction of chromosome 18
    Edwards syndrome
  23. How to tell which chromosomes match up to what?
    Length and pattern
  24. When chromosomes are in pairs
  25. What is the final products of Meiosis?
    • 4 different haploid sex cells
    • 23 chromosomes
    • 4 sperm
  26. What is the final products of Mitosis?
    • 2 body cells with the same # of chromosomes
    • 46 chromosomes
    • 1 egg and 3 polar bodies
  27. What causes down syndrome?
    The extra 21st chromosome
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