Human Sexuality Test 3

  1. How does spermicide work, advantages, disadvantages:
    • 1. Spermicides: has two components (think: sperm1
    • cide2) one is a base: jelly, cream, foam and film that holds the spermicide
    • close to the cervix; second, spermicide itself, in either foam, cream, jelly;
    • applied with finger or applicator.

    • Typically
    • effective: 71%

    Perfect use: 82%

    • Generally sperm
    • is more effective

    • Advantage: easy
    • to get, over the counter, easily carried.

    • Disadvantage
    • must be used each time the couple has sex, can get very expensive
  2. How does IUD/Intrauterine work, advantages, disadvantages?
    • 2. IUD/ Intrauterine: a small
    • device that is made of plastic and place in the uterus; mainly to block semen
    • from entering. It works by not just blocking but also releasing hormones,
    • progestin, which thickens the mucus and inhibits sperm survival.

    • Some of the
    • highest levels of effectiveness: 92.2%-99.9%

    • It also depends on the woman’s age and
    • if she has never been pregnant.

    • Advantage: over
    • time the least expensive and does not interfere with spontaneity. And long
    • lasting contraceptive effects

    • Disadvantage: moderately
    • painful removal and insertion pain; partner may feel it and irregular bleeding
    • patterns
  3. Give two reasons why withdrawing the penis from the vigina before ejaculation is not an effective form of contraception.
    • 3. Coitus Interruptus/ reason why is
    • not an effective form of contraception:

    • The main reason
    • for this is pre-ejaculatory fluid, which is secreted out of the penis during
    • arousal. It is secreted during sexual intercourse without the man even knowing
    • it and it contains sperms. The number of sperms is even greater in this fluid
    • if the man ejaculated a short time ago and so any one of the sperms can already
    • be on its way to the ovum even before the man has an orgasm—fertility cycle in
    • women might not be the same either.
  4. NuvaRing, how it works, advantages and disadvantages
    • 4.
    • NuvaRing: It is a hormonal
    • method of birth control; a small plastic ring that is inserted into the vigina
    • once a month and releases a constant dose of estrogen and progesterone. It works by inhibiting ovulation. It is inserted deep into the vigina and
    • it is held in place by the vaginal muscles, heat and moisture activate the
    • release of hormones.

    • Typically
    • effective: 92%

    • Perfect
    • use: 99.7%

    • Advantages—does
    • not interfere with spontaneity; highly effective; reduces flow of menstruation;
    • increases menstrual regularity.

    • Disadvantages—no
    • protection from STI’S; weight gain, weight loss; decrease sexual desires
  5. The pill, how it works, advantages and disadvantage
    • 5.
    • Pill: a preparation of
    • synthetic female hormones; it works by replacing the women’s own hormones and
    • releasing the synthetic in different amounts.

    • Typically
    • effective: 92%

    • Perfect
    • use: 99.7%

    • Advantages—one
    • of the highest effectiveness rate; do not interfere with spontaneity; reduces
    • flow of menstruation; protection from pelvic inflammatory disease.

    • Disadvantages—must
    • be taken daily’ no STI protection; if certain drugs or herbs are use it can
    • interfere with effectiveness
  6. Patch, how does it work, advantage and disadvantage
    • 6.
    • Patch: Hormonal same as pill

    • Typically
    • effective: same as pill

    • Advantages—same
    • as pill

    • Disadvantages—maybe
    • blood clots and high levels of estrogen
  7. Depo Shot, how it works and advantages and disadvantages
    • 7.
    • Depo shot: hormonal shot;
    • start working in the same way as the pill and the patch but within 24 hours

    • Typical
    • effective: 97%

    • Perfect
    • use: 99.7%

    • Advantages—does
    • not contain estrogen, reversible and 3 month at a time

    • Disadvantages—must
    • schedule visits every 3 months also slight weight gain.
  8. Diaphragm, how it works, advantages and disadvantage
    • 8.
    • Diaphragm: Barrier method, prevents sperm from meeting the cervix, also need
    • spermicide and must be fitted.

    • Typical
    • use: 84%

    • Perfect
    • use: 94%

    • Advantages—does
    • not affect hormonal levels; reduces the risk of cancer; relatively expensive

    • Disadvantage—increases
    • the risk of toxic shock syndrome and urinary tract infection
  9. What is Emergency Contraception
    • EC—is known as the morning after pill. It is taken when no
    • contraception has been taken or failed other types. It works by inhibiting or
    • delaying ovulation. It must start withing72 hours of intercourse; when used in
    • combination with other methods pregnancy risk is reduced to up to 99%.
  10. What is Nonoxynol-9
    • Nonoxynol-9 it is an effective spermicide—cons—it does not
    • protect from STI or HIV; vaginal or anal irritation
  11. Type of lube you can and can’t use with condoms
    • A.
    • Baby oil, petroleum jelly, grease and hand
    • lotion, anything with out oil or petroleum since this will degrade the condom
    • rending it useless against STI’S and HIV.
  12. How can you make your own dental dam cheaply and easily?
    • A. Saran wrap and other plastic wraps and maybe
    • even a condom, break the tip off and cut.
  13. 8 mistakes people make with condoms that make them ineffective
    • 1.
    • Use more than one

    • 2.
    • Use the wrong lubrication

    • 3.
    • Use an old one (EXPIRED)

    • 4.
    • Keep it in their wallets

    • 5.
    • Tear with teeth when opening

    • 6.
    • Put on the wrong way

    • 7.
    • Reuse it

    • 8.
    • Not hold on to it after ejaculation
  14. List three major side effects of birth control pills
    • 1.
    • Decreased libido

    • 2.
    • Vision or eye problems

    3. Death
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