mastering chem ch#4

  1. what is the role of lenses in microscopy?
    lenses focus either light or electrons to create  a magnified image of the specimen
  2. The most common type of microscope is the
    bright field microscope
  3. why is visualization not sufficient to properly identify bacteria?
    bacteria have a limited set of shapes and many unrelated bacteria share the same shape
  4. what is the hallmark of dichotomous keys?
    they consist of a series of paired statements, in which only one statement of each pair applies to a given organism
  5. Biochemical tests _____
    are the main methods used to identify unknown bacteria
  6. How are negative stains different from other types of stains?
    they stain the background, leaving the cells colorless
  7. which is an example of a dye used in simple stain?
    Methylene blue
  8. How does the malachete green stain enter the endospore?
    it is heated
  9. Following an endospore stain, how does one distinguish endospores from vegetative cells?
    Vegetative cells are pink, endospores are green.
  10. What is the fundamental purpose of staining in light microscopy?
    To increase the contrast and visibility of the specimen
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