Pitt Parking Lots

  1. Posvar Hall
    A Lot
  2. Alumni Hall
    AH Lot
  3. Boquet Gardens
    BG Lot
  4. 5th and Boquet St.
    BQ Lot
  5. Biotech (East Lot)
    BS Lot
  6. Biotech (West Lot)
    BT Lot
  7. University Club
    CB Lot
  8. Craig Hall (Outside)
    CA Lot
  9. Craig Hall Garage
    CC Garage
  10. Chevron Dock (Parkman St.)
    CH Lot
  11. Clyde St.
    CS Lot
  12. Fitzgerald Field House
    E Lot
  13. Eureka Building
    EL and RL Lots
  14. Frats (Sutherland Dr.)
    F Lot
  15. Forbes Hall (rear/Euler Way)
    FB Lot
  16. Forbes Hall Garage
    FH Garage
  17. Eberly Hall
    G Lot
  18. Garner Steel CC
    H Lot
  19. Halkett & Forbes Avenue
    HA Lot
  20. Heniz Chapel
    HC Lot
  21. Towerview (front)
    IM Lot
  22. Western Psych (Rear)
    J Garage
  23. University Drive @ Parkman (SRCC)
    K Lot
  24. Mervis Hall (Rear off Joncarie St.)
    KG Lot
  25. Atwood St. @ Louisa St.
    L Lot
  26. Log Cabin on Forbes
    LC Lot
  27. Langley Garage
    LG Garage
  28. Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC)
    LR Lot
  29. LIS Garage
    LS Garage
  30. Litchfield Towers
    LT Garage
  31. Lexington Avenue
    LX Lot
  32. Meade Street
    MS Lot
  33. 480 Melwood Avenue
    MW Lot
  34. Frick Fine Arts Building
    N Lot
  35. Cost Sports Center
    OC Lot
  36. Old Engeneering Hall Driveway
    OE Lot
  37. O'Hara Garage
    OH Garage
  38. Boquet St. above 5th Avenue (Benedum)
    P Street Parking
  39. Pittsburgh Filmmakers (400 bl. Melwood)
    PF Lot
  40. Crabtree and Parran Halls (GSPH)
    PG Garage
  41. Panther Hollow
    PH Lot
  42. Park Plaza (138 N. Craig St.)
    PK Lot
  43. Sennott St. @ Oakland Ave.
    Q Lot
  44. Salk Hall (rear)
    R Lot
  45. Ruskin Hall/Music Building
    RA Lot
  46. Frats (by Falk School)
    SC Lot
  47. Cathederal of Learning (Forbes)
    SF Lot
  48. Schenley Garage
    SG Garage
  49. Sennott Square
    SN Garage
  50. Soldiers and Sailors
    SO Garage
  51. Schenley Quad
    SQ Lot
  52. Sutherland Driveway
    SR Lot
  53. Syria Mosque (Bigelow)
    SM Lot
  54. Thackery Hall
    TH Lot
  55. McGowan Building
    TM Lot
  56. Towerview Garage
    TV Garage
  57. Sutherland Hall (rear)
    U Lot
  58. University Drive
    UD Lot
  59. University Drive (near ZBT Frat)
    UDA Lot
  60. University Place & 5th Avenue
    PS Lot
  61. Nuclear Physics Lab (old Van de Graaf Building)
    V Lot
  62. Darragh St. Apartments
    Y Lot
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