Development-Random Facts

  1. What is positive psychology?
    Focus is on positive things/affirmations, things that actively make you focus on the positive gratitude activities such as writing three things to be thankful for nightly.
  2. What is Epigenetic Systems Theory?
    Emphasizes the interaction of genes & the enviornment on development. The gene pool is a determining factor of development. Explores if there is a genetic predisposition that has left them prone to that behavior. And the direct, systematic influence that enviornmental forces have, over time on genes.
  3. Describe the four interrelated systems of development.
    • I. Microsystem: The person in individual setting (ie child at home, child at school)
    • II. Mesosystem: The ability to discern the difference betwn 2 microsystems w/n a system
    • III. Ecosystem: The system that is directly related to child (ie work impacts how they live which impacts the child)
    • IV. Macrosystem: Is the larger system that holds all the other systems
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