chap 10

  1. Discipline is
    an adversarial process, a tool for achieving shared purpose and goal oriendted behavior, a means of teaching training and remediation
  2. Every first line supervisor should strive to create an environment in which
    esternal or imposed discipline is held to an absolute minimum
  3. __ are among the most powerful motivatiors at the disposal of the first line supervisor
    commendatins and citations
  4. __are two of the things mentioned in the text that create natural parameters for accepted and expected behavior in a given organization
    camaraderie and technical expertise
  5. According to more and miller__and ___ come with the stripes
    problem solving, counseling
  6. According to petters and waterman baed on the people orientation of contemparary management theory there is no place for __in the disciplinary process
  7. The misuse of power by the first line supervisor does all but which of the folwoing
    enhances legitimate authority over subordinates
  8. Disciplinary action should be 
    both proactive and reactive
  9. According to the hot stove rule employees learn quickly because discipline is all but which of the following?
  10. Whether the discipline is firm and fair will depend on critical factors that include all but which of the folllowing
    accountablility of management systems
  11. Effective disciplinary action is always
    based on just cause, appropriate to the offense , progressively more severe if  the subordinate fails to change
  12. Discipline base on the use of punishment rather than rewards is 
    negative discipline
  13. t/f discipline is the essential element in work that ensures overall productivity and an orderly environment
  14. Discipline may be used to produce a shared sense of purpose and commmon goal oriented behavior t/f
  15. First line supervisors are expected to nurture professionalism in the employee
  16. According to more and miller the supervisor will determine the sucess or failure of the police dept in achieving its missions goals and objectives
  17. T/f according to ow wilson positive discipline manifestes itself in the officers willingness to conform and participate in self restraint based on professional dedication or a personal comminment to the ethos of police dept
  18. Disciplinary action is inherently punitive andused to regulate work related behavior t/f
  19. t/f sergeants are expected to increase the employees productivity through negative discipline
  20. T/F it is the first line supervisor responsibility to identify the weaknesses deficiencies failure or overty behavior of subordinates
  21. inconsistency and favortism in discipling subordinates will have an adverse potentially destructive effect on employee productivity t/f
  22. a sergeants actions must be legal reasonbable inconsistent and timely
  23. t/f if a sergeant misunderstands the nautre of the job or lacks rudimentary leadership skills the potential for abuse of the disciplinary apparatus is great 
  24. the accused employee is presumed innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof is on these involved in direct supervisory management
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