Physics Quiz 1

  1. V = ?
    V = F X W
  2. Increase density = ?
    Increase density = decrease velocity
  3. Increase compressibility = ?
    Increase compressibility = decrease velocity
  4. Increase stiffness = ?
    Increase stiffness = increase velocity
  5. Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)
    The number of pulses emitted per second

    Unit: Hertz

    Typical range: 1-10KHz
  6. Pulse Repetition Period (PRP)
    The time from the beginning of one pulse to the beginning of the next

    Unit: Seconds

    Time of producing and receiving echo
  7. PRP = ?
    PRP = 1/PRF
  8. Pulse Duration (PD)
    The time during which the pulse actually occurs

    Unit: Seconds
  9. PD = ?
    • PD = number of cycles X period
    • PD = number of cycles / Frequency
  10. Duty Factor (DF)
    The fraction of time the ultrasound pulse is being emitted during one pulse repetition period

    The DF of Continuous Wave is 1(100%)

    The DF of Pulse Wave is less than 1
  11. DF = ?
    DF = Pulse Duration/ Pulse Repetition Period
  12. Spatial Pulse Length (SPL)
    The length or space over which an ultrasound pulse occurs

    Units : meter, mm

    • Affects greatly of image resoultion
    • -long SPL will interact with a tissue interface longer than a short SPL, which as blurred image
  13. Near Field
    Fresnel Zone

    Closer to the transducer

    Collimated beam
  14. Far Field
    Fraunhofer Zone

    Farther to the transducer

    Divergence of the beam
  15. Beam Shape Parameter
    Ultrasound frequency and transducer diameter affect the length of near field and divergence of far field

    Increase frequency and transducer diameter = increase near field length and decrease divergence of far field
  16. Increase Transducer diameter =
    Increase Transducer diameter = (frequency is constant) length of near field increase and decrease far field divergence
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