chap 6

  1. Groups that are created to fulfill specific organizational needs or perform special tasks are
    formal work groups
  2. Groups that cut across organizational lines and have comon interests are
    informal work groups
  3. which cliques goal is to humanize the organization and reduce friction between the department and the officers
  4. The clique that includes a number of first line supervisors and functions most effectively when it is dealing with problems that are perceived as weaking ones authority is 
  5. the clique that assumes a defensive posture and only functions when the situation dictates that it must responds to ensure the status quo is
  6. The most critical stage of group development to the success of the group is 
  7. Which stage occurs when earch member of the group has received enough information to accept that the group objective and leadership are legitimate
  8. The stage at which  the group becomes aware that everything is not moving smothly and uncertianty enters the picture is
  9. The stage at which the group fully accepts that they are on a treadmill and are going nowhere is
  10. __are techinques that members of a group develop to control the behavior of others
  11. Extensive rules and regulains serve to reinforce this norm, and specific sanctions apply to those who deviate from the expected behavior. Which norm is it?
  12. Which of the following groups is distinguished from other groups because it is usually temporary and focuses attention on one subject or problem?
    task force
  13. According to the test which two factors are important to the definiton of a group
    interaction and influence
  14. __into the police agancy is the means by which rookies are transformed from civilian status to productive member of an operating agency
  15. __can be important to the group and is the rsult of an officers desire to be a member of the group and the degree of commitment flet by group members
  16. Types of informal groups include parallel vertical and random T/F
  17. The horizontal clique serves a higly important function by intensifying social relationships within the department T/F
  18. Groups serve as vehicles for decreasing personal relationships because social needs are satisfied more easily T/F
  19. Groups that are cohesive can become an additional problem to first line supervisors because they have more power than any single officer T/F
  20. The advantage of a task force is that its final solution will be impemented becasue of the involvemnet of a cross section of the department T/F
  21. Adavantages of a task force inclued power sharing and viewing problems from a broader perspective T/F
  22. Within a police department both formal and informal groups will always exist T/F
  23. A supervisors roles in team building are facilitator and developer T/F
  24. Disadvantages of a task force include the folling bias of members can be intensified and cost in terms of time and money T/F
  25. To maintain authority with a group the supervisor should avoid any actual personal relationships with the group T/f
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