215-1 lecture 1

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  1. nurses is
    person who nourishes, fosters, and protects
  2. art of nursing includes
    listening, talking, touching, teaching, environmental manipulation, alternatvie therapies
  3. 4 goals of nursing practice are
    • promote health
    • prevent illness
    • restore health
    • facilitate coping
  4. major goal of nursing is
    patient advocacy
  5. power =
    the ability or capacity to exert influence over another person
  6. referent power=
    derived from close and maintained relationship (family)
  7. expert power =
    derived from amount of skill, knowledge, or expertise
  8. reward power
  9. derived from ability to grant some type of reward
  10. coercive power
    derived from ability to punish
  11. legitimate power =
    legal power that gives person or organization certain rights
  12. collective power
    the power of the whole
  13. ways to increase power in nusing
    • professional unity
    • political activities¬†
    • accountability and professionalism
    • networking
  14. important points of Henderson's definition of a nurse =
    • individual is sick or well
    • perform activities that person would perform if able
    • peaceful death
    • independence
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