flea and heartworm

  1. why must oral program be given with a full meal?
    to slow down the absorbtion and excretion of lufenuron
  2. a.i in program
  3. a.i in advantage
  4. a.i in ovicollars
  5. what are the 2 a.i in sentinel
    • milbemycin oxime
    • lufenuron
  6. what age minimum is sentinel taken?
    2 weeks or 1kg of body weight
  7. sentinel is a combo of what 2 products?
    interceptor and program
  8. what premise spray does vet kem make to be used in the house?
    sophitrol (IGR) 1000 and 2000
  9. ai. in most flea shampoos
  10. what is the residual of ecto soothe shampoo?
    no residual, use as needed
  11. a.i in revolution
  12. residual for ovi collar in cats and dogs?
    • dogs 8 months
    • cats 12 months
  13. name the active ingrediant in capstar
  14. how is capstar given
    oral tablet
  15. what are the active ingrediants in ovitrol duel action collar?
    • methoprene
    • propoxur
  16. what part of the flea life cycle does the ovitrol duel action collar affect?
    adults flea, eggs and larva 
  17. ai in preventic collar
    amitraz 9%
  18. what are the a.i in sophitrol premise sprays
    • permethrin
    • methoprene
  19. what is a permethrin
    synthetic version of a pyrethrin
  20. what flea products are adulticides only?
    • capstar
    • ecto soothe shampoo
    • front line
    • front line plus
  21. what flea products are ovicides only?
    • ovi-collar
    • program
    • sentinel
  22. which flea products are ovicides and adulticides?
    • ovitrol duel action
    • siphitrol
    • advantix
    • advantage multi
  23. how is interceptor given?
    oral tablet every 30 days
  24. a.i in advantage multi?
    • imidacloprid
    • moxidectin
  25. min age for use of proheart 6 in dogs?
    6 months
  26. how is revolution given
  27. ai in milbemax
    • milebemycin oxime
    • praziquantel
  28. residual for vet kem premise sprays
    • 7 months for methroprene
    • 2 weeks for permethrins
  29. two methods of dx heartworm
    • antigen test
    • microfilarial recovery test
  30. 4 cls of heartworm
    • coughing
    • respiratory crackling
    • dyspnea
    • syncope
  31. a.i in sentinel
    milbemycin oxime, lufenuron
  32. a.i in sentinel
    milbemycin oxime
  33. which pocket pets can you use program on?
    ferrets and rabbits
  34. definition of pyrethrin
    naturally occuring insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum plant
  35. min age for use of advantage multi in cats and dogs?
    • cats 8 weeks
    • dogs 7 weks
  36. what part of the flea life cycle does canine advantix get?
    larvae and adults
  37. preventic long acting sprays can be used to get fleas and?
  38. heartgard 30 is effective against which parasite?
  39. heartgard 30 plus is effective against which parasites?
    heartworm, roundworms and hookworms
  40. which flea products do not enter the blood stream
    advantage and frontline
  41. list 4 types of fleas other than cat flea and dog flea
    • rabbit flea
    • rat flea
    • human flea
    • poultry flea
  42. flea eggs hatch in ....... days depending on.............?
    1-10 days depending on humidity and temperature
  43. fleas are known as?
    obligate external parasites
  44. flea larvae must have high........ to survive and are sensitive to............?
    humidity to survive and are sensitive to heat and light
  45. why can heartworm never be eradicated from an area once it is established?
    wild animal population
  46. how is revolution given?
  47. min age for ovicollars in cats and dogs
    8 weeks
  48. min age for frontline in dogs?
    10 weeks
  49. min age for interceptor in dogs
    2 weeks, 1kg weight
  50. what parasites will advantage multi treat in dogs?
    • L3 and L4 heartworm
    • roundworm
    • hookworm
    • whipworm
    • earmites
    • demodex
    • sarcoptes
  51. min age for use of revolution in cats and dogs
    6 weeks
  52. flea pupae emerge in..... and depend on .................?
    3-9 days and depend on pressure heat and Co2
  53. flea larvae go through 2 moults in.......days?
    5-11 days
  54. adult fleas are which percent of the problem?
  55. program can be used on min age in cats and dogs?
    6 weeks
  56. what stage of the life cycle is resistant to chemicals
    pupae stage
  57. give an example of an I.D.I
  58. what does milbemax treat and control in cats?
    • round worm
    • hook worm
    • heart worm
  59. how long can microfilaria live in the blood stream?
    3 years
  60. how many larval moults occur inside the mosquito?
  61. and L3 will moult into a L4 in how many days?
    3-4 days
  62. how long does it take for an L4 to reach the neck?
    50-70 days
  63. ovicollars affect which part of the flea cycle?
    egg stage
  64. how long does it take for the L5 to mature into an adult?
    4.5 months
  65. give an example of an I.G.R
  66. what can capstar be used off label for?
  67. how is advantix administered?
  68. what parasite will program treat off label?
  69. is program safe for pregnant animals?
  70. min age for use of capstar?
    4 weeks and 1kg of body weight
  71. capstar affects which part of the flea life cycle?
  72. which part of the flea life cycle resenbles maggots?
    larvae, larva stage
  73. for bad infections how many times a week can capstar be given?
    2 times a week
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