hesi Vocab

  1. Define Ankylosed:
    joint is permanently immobile
  2. Define Atrophy:
    unused muscle decreases in size and loses their normal strength and function.
  3. Define Osteoporosis:
    When bones do not have weight bearing activity and demineralize. Calcium in bones deplete.(753)
  4. Define Vertigo:
    • (752)
    • strong spinning sensation which impairs balance
  5. Define Contractures:
    when muscle do not shorten and lengthen for long periods of time. permanent shortening of the muscle
  6. Define Arrhythmia:
    a pulse with an irregular rhythm
  7. Define Bradycardia:
    heart rate in an adult of 60 bpm or less
  8. Define Tachycardia:
    an excessively fast heart rate, more than 100 bpm
  9. Define Tachypnea:
    unusually fast breathing, generally considered to be over 20 breaths per minute in a resting adult
  10. Define Bradypnea:
    an abnormally slow respiratory rate, which may be seen in clients who have taken narcotics
  11. Define Dysrhythmia:
    abnormalities in heart rate and rhythm
  12. Define Diaphoresis:
  13. Define Diaphoretic:
    describes agents that induce sweating, or their effect
  14. Define Dyspneic:
    Not breathing or able to breathe except with difficulty
  15. Define Apnea:
    periods of no breathing
  16. Define Dyspnea:
    difficult of labored breathing
  17. Define O2 Saturation:
    relative measure of the amount of oxygen that is dissolved or carried in a given medium, such as blood
  18. Pulse oximeter:
    A pulse oximeter is a medical that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood on the finger.
  19. FUO:
    fever of unknown origin.

    • Define Orthopnea:
    • shortness of breath when laying flat
  20. Serous:
    consists chiefly of serum (the clear potion of the blood) derived from blood. (470)
  21. Serasanguineous:
    blood-tinged drainage. (470)
  22. Tenacious:
    adhesive or sticky; viscous or glutinous.
  23. Purulent:
    thicker than serous exudates because it contains pus. Pus consists of leukocytes, liquefied dead tissue debris, dead and living bacteria.
  24. Epigastric:
    middle upper region of the abdomen.
  25. Hypochondriac:
    area pertaining to under the ribs.
  26. Umbilical:
    center region of the abdomen, navel
  27. Hypogastric:
    region of the abdomen, below the navel.
  28. Malleolus:
    bony sides of the ankle joints.
  29. Calcaneous:
    the heel bone
  30. Ischial tuberocity:
    the lowest and rearmost of the three bones that make up each half of the pelvis
  31. Iliac crest:
    The the iliac crest is the curved ridge at the top of the pelvic bone
  32. Sacrum:
    a triangular bone at the base of the spine that joins to a hip bone on each side and forms part of the pelvis
  33. Coccyx:
    a small triangular bone at the base of the spinal column
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