Literary Terms

  1. What is an ALLITERATION?
    An alliteration is the repetition of initial consonant sounds.
  2. What is an ALLUSION?
    An allusion is a reference to a well known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art.
  3. What is an ANALOGY?
    An analogy is a comparison between two or more things that are similar in someways, but oterwise unalike.
  4. What is an ANECDOTE?
    An anecdote is a brief story about an interesting, amusing, or strange event.
  5. What is an ANTAGONIST?
    An antagonist is a character or force in a conflict with the main character.
  6. What is ATMOSPHERE?
    Atmosphere is the feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage.
  7. What is an AUTOBIOGRAPHY?
    An autobiography is the story of the writer's own life, told by the writer.
  8. What is a BALLAD?
    A ballad is a songlike poem that tells a story, often dealing with adventure and romance.
  9. What is a BIOGRAPHY?
    A biography is a form of nonfiction in which a writer tells the like story of another person.
  10. What is a CHARACTER?
    A character is a person or animal that takes part in the action of a story.
    Characterization is the act of creating and developing a character
  12. What is CLIMAX?
    Climax is also known as the turning point of a story, it is the high point of the action of the plot.
  13. What is a COMEDY?
    A comedy is a literary work which is light, often humorous or satirical, and ends happily.
  14. What is a CONCRETE POEM?
    A concrete poem is a poem with the shape that suggests its subject.
  15. What is a CONFLICT?
    A conflict is a struggle between two opposing forces.
  16. What are CONNOTATIONS?
    Connotations of a word are the set of ideas associated with it in addition to its explicit meaning.
  17. What is a COUPLET?
    A couplet is two consecutive lines of a verse with end rhymes.
  18. What is DENOTATION?
    Denotation is the dictionary meaning of a word.
  19. What is a DESCRIPTION?
    A description is a portrait, in words, of a person, place, or object. A description often includes sensory details: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
  20. What is DIALECT?
    Dialect is the form of a language spoken by people in a particular region.
  21. What is DIALOGUE?
    Dialogue is a conversation between characters in a story.
  22. What is a DRAMA?
    A drama is a story written to be performed by actors.
  23. What is a DYNAMIC CHARACTER?
    A dynamic character.... see character.
  24. What is an ELEGY?
    An elegy is a solemn and formal lyric poem about death.
  25. What is an EPIC POEM?
    An epic poem is a long narrative poem about the adventures of gods or heroes.
  26. What is an EPITHET?
    An epithet is a word or phrase that states a characteristic quality of a person or being.
  27. What is an ESSAY?
    An essay is a short nonfiction work about a particular subject.
  28. What is an EXPOSITION?
    An exposition is the introduction of a work that introduces the characters, setting, and the basic situation.
  29. What is an EXPOSITORY WRITING?
    An expository writing explains or informs.
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