A&P Lab Microscope Terms

  1. Head
    Houses the ocular and objective lenses 
  2. Interpupillary Distant Adjustment
    two ocular pieces that adjust space between your eyes
  3. Ocular Lenses
    found on the top of the head

    Magnify at 10x power
  4. Rotating nose piece
    revolving mechanism, at he base of head, holds objective lenses
  5. objective lenses
    • Found attached to rotating nose piece
    • Magnifies at 4x 10x 40x 100x
    • always start in 10x 
  6. Arm (handle)
    connects head to base
  7. rehostat (light intensity knob)
    • Dimmer Knob
    • controls brightness
  8. Stage
    Platform that slide is placed on
  9. Mechanical Stage
    Lever arm on stage that holds the slide firmly in place
  10. Iris Diaphragm
    Reduces the amount of light by opening or closing
  11. Illuminator (light source)
    • found on the base
    • houses the light bulb
  12. Axis Controls
    • found below the stage 
    • Z=top axis knob (forward and back)
    • X=bottom axis knob (left to right)
  13. Base
    Bottom of Microscope
  14. Coarse Adjustment
    • Large knob used with 10x only
    • Y=moves stage up and down
  15. Fine adjustment
    • small knob on coarse adjustment 
    • used in 40x and 100x for focus
  16. Real Image
    Projected by the objective lens to the ocular lens
  17. Virtual Image
    Seen by your eyes
  18. Magnification
    • the ratio on image size to actual size
    • 100x=100 times bigger
  19. Resolution
    Image clarity
  20. Total Maginfication
    • Determined by multiplying the ocular lens by the objective lens
    • 10x40=400
    • ocular lens is always 10x
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