Warder Pali Chapter 02, 6 Exercises English to Pali

  1. They go to the minister
    gacchanti / mahaamatta.m

    mahaamatta.m gacchanti
  2. The men see the ministers
    purisaa / passanti / mahaamatte

    purisaa mahaamatte passanti
  3. The god, who is not a human being, approaches the "thus-gone"
    devo amanusso / upasa.mkamati / tathaagata.m

    devo amanusso tathaagata.m upasa.mkamati
  4. You ask the philosopher about the doctrine
    pucchasi / sama.na.m / dhamma.m

    sama.na.m dhamma.m pucchasi
  5. We ask the philosopher who is "well-gone"
    pucchaama / sama.na.m / sugata.m

    sama.na.m sugata.m pucchaama
  6. The "thus-gone" gives up negligence
    tathaagato / pajahati / pamaada.m

    tathaagato pamaada.m pajahati
  7. The lay disciples enter the village
    upaasakaa / pavisanti / gaama.m

    upaasakaa gaama.m pavisanti
  8. The ascetics meditate
    sama.naa / jhaayanti

    sama.naa jhaayanti
  9. The substance remains
    kaayo / ti.t.thati

    kaayo ti.t.thati
  10. He reaches the top
    phusati / agga.m

    agga.m phusati
  11. We ask the philosopher the meaning
    pucchaama / sama.na.m / attha.m

    sama.na.m attha.m pucchaama
  12. He gives alms
    deti (dadaati) / pi.n.da.m

    pi.n.da.m deti (dadaati)
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