Warder Pali Chapter 02, 5 Exercises Pali to English

  1. sugato dhamma.m bhaasati
    "well-gone" / doctrine / speaks

    The "well-gone" speaks the doctrine.
  2. upaasako patta.m aaharati
    lay disciple / bowl / brings

    The lay disciple brings the bowl.
  3. manussaa bhava.m icchanti
    humans / existence / wish for

    Humans wish for existence.
  4. gaama.m gacchaama
    to the village / we go

    We go to the village.
  5. sama.no aagacchati
    ascetic / comes

    The ascetic comes.
  6. tathaagato sugato hoti
    "thus-gone" / "well-gone" / is

    The "thus-gone" is the "well-gone."
  7. braahma.no purise pucchati
    Brahmin / people / asks

    The Brahmin asks the people.
  8. devaa cavanti
    gods / die

    The gods die.
  9. vaada.m vadanti
    statement / they speak

    They utter the statement.
  10. puttaa pabbajanti
    sons / go forth

    The sons go forth.
  11. satto ti.t.thati
    being / stays

    The being stays.
  12. sama.ne attha.m pucchanti
    ascetics / meaning / they ask

    They ask the ascetics the meaning.
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