Module 11 Incomplete

  1. Power ratio is a term used to express
    what property of an antenna?
  2. A standing-wave ratio (swr) describes
    which of the following quantities?
    • The amount of mismatch between a
    • transmission line and its load
  3. Directivity refers to which of the
    following properties of a radiated beam?
    Narrowness of the beam
  4. Surface angular measurements for
    antenna directivity in radar and
    communications systems are made in
    relationship to which of the following
    Horizontal plane only
  5. Radar range is determined as a function
    of which of the following measures?
    Pulse travel time
  6. The parabolic reflector is often used
    because it produces a radiation pattern
    with which of the following antenna
    Highly directive
  7. A lens antenna which accelerates some
    portion of the wavefronts so that all
    wavefronts exit the lens at the same time
    is referred to as the
    waveguide-type lens
  8. In a delay-type lens, the amount of delay
    in the phase of the wave passing through
    the lens is determined by which of the
    following characteristics?
    The dielectric constant of the lens
  9. What is/are the basic type(s) of antenna
    array(s) in common use?
    Parasitic and driven
  10. In a frequency-sensitive antenna, the
    physical length of the serpentine section
    and its relationship to the wavelength of
    the applied energy determines which of
    the following characteristics?
    Direction of the beam
  11. In a horizontal-slot antenna, the
    polarization of the energy is radiated in
    what direction?
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