Home Economics

  1. List the guidlines for using a sewing machine
    • 1.follow instruction book
    • 2.use a suitable needle and thread
    • 3.remove pins before sewing
    • 4.guide fabric into the machine - do not push or pull
    • 5.keep the bulk of fabric to the left
    • 6. check stitching after every line.
  2. what reasons are there for the needle breaking
    • 1.upper tension to tight
    • 2.loose presser foot
  3. what reasons are there for puckering
    • 1. a blunt needle
    • 2.Stitch to long
  4. what reasons are there for looped stitches
    • 1. upper tension to loose
    • 2. bobbin incorrectly threaded
  5. Name natural resources
    • 1.sunlight
    • 2.air
    • 2.water
    • 4.fossil fuels (oli, coal and peat)
  6. what are the effects of air pollution
    • 1.acid rain which damages buildings and wildlife
    • 2. Respitory problems e.g asthma
    • 3. Brain damage in children
  7. What are the global effects of ozone reduction
    onzone reduction increases the risk of skin cancer and eye cataracts and also causes the planet to overheat leading to the greenhouse effect
  8. How do you save energy in the home?
    • 1. insulate house well
    • 2. switch off lights and heaters
    • 3. avoid blocking radiators
    • 4. keep doors closed
    • 5. turn down thermostats
    • 6. Use CFL bulbs
  9. suggest some practical ways in which we can help our environment
    • 1.reduce
    • 2.reuse
    • 3.recycle
    • 4.refuse
  10. what is biodegradable
    biodegradable is caple of being broken and made harmless by nature
  11. what is the function of the ozone layer
    the ozone layer protects us from the harmful rays of the sun
  12. Give the functions of the skin
    • 1.protects the body from microorganisns in the air
    • 2.Prevents loss of body fluid
    • 3.touch-the nerve endings near the surface of the skin are sensitive to heat/cold/pain
    • 4.Remove waste through pores
  13. What is inorganic waste
    cannot be broken down by nature
  14. What is a resource?
    a resource is something that helps us achieve a goal or complete a task
  15. what is the importance of budgeting
    Budgeting is important so you do not run out of money for things you need.
  16. Why are sauces served with food
    • 1.to offset richness
    • 2.to improve food value
    • 3.to improve apperance
  17. What is a roux sauce?
    a roux sauce consits of equal quantities of fat and flour.
  18. What is a consumer
    A consumer is anyone who buys goods or uses services.
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