1. Italy: From Spanish to Austrian Rule
    1530 and 1540

    • a.      1530: Charles V defeated French armies Italyà became arbiter of Italy
    •                                                               i.      At first: happy to establish close ties with native Italian rulers and let them rule as long as they see him as dominant
    • b.      1540: duchy of Milan given to son Philip II and all imperial rights over Italy transferred to Spanish monarchy
  2. I.                   Italy: From Spanish to Austrian Rule
    Philip II
    • a.      Philip II’s reign (1556-1713)
    •                                                               i.      Spanish presence everywhere
    • 1.      Florence, Papal States, and Venice managed to maintain independent policies
    • a.      Papacy influence= oppressive in Italy as Catholic Counter-Reformation (through Inquisition, Index, and Jesuits) stifled all resistance to Catholic orthodoxy created by Council of Trent
  3. I.                   Italy: From Spanish to Austrian Rule
    18th century
    • a.      18th century: Italy suffered from struggles between France and Spain
    •                                                               i.      Austria, not France, benefited most from Spanish Succession War, who supplanted Spain as dominant power in Italy
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