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  1. Name three pieces of information that are always included in a good input list
    • Mic name
    • instrument mic
    • spitter channle
  2. (F) What is the purpose of setting good console and system gain structure?
    • prevent clipping
    • reduce sys noise
  3. ______________ are used to control one or more input channel faders from one master fader
  4. (F) Describe two ways that signal polarity can be reversed besides the polarity button on amixing console
    • wiring with in a speaker cabniate (pos to neg)
    • balanced line wired wrong (pins)
  5. (f) How much additional amplifier power is required to double the loudness of a loudspeaker system?
    10 times more
  6. What are the three steps to expressing a power change in dB?
    • compare
    • compress
    • scale
  7. (f) What is the +4dBu standard, and what equipment uses this standard?
    pro line level
  8. What is the -10dBV standard, and what equipment uses this standard?
    Consumer line leve
  9. (f) When adjusting a level control on a sound system, a change in _________________ is being made
  10. Describe what the term “ring out” refers to
  11. (f) Describe the inverse square law
    effect of amplitude changes on sound pressure levels
  12. (f) ? The decibel can be used to express _________ or __________ levels within an audio system
    • loudness
    • distance
  13. 0dBm =
    1 mw (.001w)
  14. dBu =
    .775 v
  15. 0dBSPL=
    .00002 pa
  16. There is a fixed relationship between dBu and dBV. For any dBV value, add __________ tofind the corresponding dBu value
    2.21 dB
  17. (f) Name three pieces of sound system design criteria
  18. (f)Define the term “acoustic gain”
    the amount of gain a system provides to an UN-amplified sound source
  19. (f)Define the term “potential acoustic gain”
    the amount of acoustic gain a system can achieve before feedback
  20. (f)Define the term “loop unity gain”
    when the source & the loudspeaker reinforcing the source are = in level at the mic capsule
  21. (f)Name three things that factor into the potential for feedback
    • loud speaker response
    • mic response
    • acoustic environment
  22. (f)How does changing the distance between the source and the mic affect acoustic gain?
    half the distance gain 6bd before feedback
  23. (f)How does changing the number of open microphones on stage affect acoustic gain?
    double mics lose 3db
  24. (f)Define the term “loudspeaker Q”
    a measure of the directional properties of a mic or loudspeaker
  25. What are two options at a sound engineer’s disposal when dealing with difficult acoustic environments?
    • c-ducer
    • helpinstill piano sensor
  26. (f)Name 3 ways that you can improve gain before feedback
    • use fewer mics
    • close mic
    • close mic speaker (talker)
    • mic & speaker directionality
    • max distance between mic & speakers
  27. (f)What attributes of a loudspeaker affect acoustic gain?
    • frequency response
    • sensitivity
    • coverage
  28. (f)What attributes of a microphone affect acoustic gain?
    • frequency response
    • sensitivity
    • polar patten
  29. When ringing out a monitor wedge, the first two cuts should be done on the __________
    ?? console channel
  30. Describe the primary difference between an “all in one” digital console and a “ component based” digital console
  31. (f)What type of cabling does an Avid Venue system use to connect the stage rack to the FOH rack?
    75 ohm coax w/ BNC connector
  32. (f)What type of cabling does an Avid Venue system use to connect the FOH rack to the worksurface?
    FOH link
  33. What type of cabling does a Venue system use to connect the FOH rack to a Pro Tools HD system?
    ??? fire wire ieee
  34. A stock Avid Venue stage rack is configured with ________ analog inputs and _______ analog outputs
  35. A stock Avid Venue FOH Rack is loaded with ________ DSP cards, and can be upgraded to _________ total DSP cards
    • 3
    • 5
  36. A stock Avid Venue Mix Rack is loaded with ________ DSP cards, and can be upgraded to________ total DSP cards
    • 2
    • 3
  37. (T/F) Changing the number of graphic EQ’s configured on Venue affects the systems available DSP resources
  38. (T/F) Changing the number of FX returns configured on Venue affects the system’s available DSP resources
  39. (f)Digico consoles use the __________ protocol for digital audio transmission
  40. (f)Multiple Digico consoles can share a single stage rack using a system called ______________   _____________
    gain tracking
  41. Name two companies that make personal monitor mixing systems
    • avion
    • avid PQ
  42. (f)A single Avid HDx card can output _______ channels of digital audio into a Pro Tools HD2 system
  43. A Venue system loaded with an FWx firewire card can output _______ channels of digital audio into a Pro Tools LE system
  44. (f)In order to connect a second stage rack to an Avid Venue system, you must add a______________ card to your __________ rack
    • snake2
    • FOH
  45. What two pieces of equipment can be used to record MADI digital audio into a Pro Tools system?
    • SSL x logic delta
    • avid HD madi
  46. (f)What is a “virtual soundcheck?”
    using pre recorded mulitracks for sound check
  47. (f)What are the four primary components of a passive analog splitter system?
    • sub snake
    • splitter
    • muti pin cable
    • fanout
  48. (f)What are the four primary types of signal splitting?
    • parallel (y)
    • transformer iso
    • active
    • digtal
  49. (f)(T/F) A Y cable can be used to connect a single microphone to two or more console inputs
  50. (f)(T/F) A Y cable can be used to connect a single loudspeaker processor output to multiple amplifier inputs
  51. Permanent installation splitter systems often use a series of ______       _________and ___________      ______________ for input patching, rather than a single splitter box
    • Floor boxes
    • input panels
  52. (f)List two potential problems with passive analog splitter systems
    • heavy copper cabel
    • limited spits (4)
    • EMI
    • GND loops
  53. (f)The term “DA” stands for….
    distribution amplifier
  54. (f)Cobranet digital audio networks can handle up to __________ audio channels on a single________ mb network
    • 64
    • 100
  55. (f)Most consoles fix the slope of a HPF at _______ or ________ dB/Octave
    • 12
    • 18
  56. (f)The frequency setting on a high pass filter can also be called the ___________________
    corner feq
  57. On a proportional Q equalizer, the bandwidth changes as a function of the amount of_______________ or ______________
    • Q
    • bandwith
  58. (f)What are the three parameters of a parametric EQ?
    • center feq
    • gain
    • ratio
  59. (f)What are the two parameters on a traditional shelving EQ?
    • gain
    • knee
  60. (f)What is the one parameter of a high pass filter?
    knee ?
  61. Define the term octave
    2 to 1 feq ratio
  62. The octave below 1kHz is…
  63. Image Upload 2
    Image Upload 4
  64. Pro Tools firewire interface card (18 channels)
  65. AES/EBU digtal audio ouputcard
  66. Analog Insert / AES Card
  67. 8 channels of analog input
  68. 64 channels of digital I/O overcoax or optical
  69. Pro Tools digilink interfacecard (64 channels)
  70. Stage Rack 2 expansion card(allows for up to 96 inputs)
    Snake 2
  71. 8 channels of analog output
  72. Ethernet connectivity card
  73. Aviom personal monitoring interface card
  74. Processing horsepower for additional plugins
    DSP mix engine
  75. AES/EBU digital audio inputcard
  76. (f)What is the most common device to clip in a sound reinforcement system?
  77. (f)The frequency at which a system crosses over from one driver to another is called the __________
    crossover point
  78. (f)The area in which two drivers’ frequency response overlaps is called the __________
    crossover region
  79. (f)Crossover filter slopes are described in orders. Fill in the slope in dB/Octave for the following filter orders….
    1st Order: _______/Octave
    5th Order: _______/Octave
    8th Order: _______/Octave
    • (order # x 6 = slope in db per octive)
    • 6
    • 30
    • 48
  80. (f)List the three most common crossover filter shapes/topologies
    • Linkwitz-riley
    • bessel
    • butterworth
  81. (f)The term summing response describes the…
  82. (f)A passive crossover network divides frequency ________________ the amplifier
  83. (f)An active crossover network divides frequency ________________ the amplifier
  84. (f)A simple stereo 3-Way system with bi-amped front fills would require a crossover with aminimum of _______ inputs and _______ outputs
    • 3
    • 8
  85. (f)A stereo 4-way system with mono tri-amped delays would require a crossover with a minimum of ________ inputs and ________ outputs
    • 3
    • 11
  86. (f)A loudspeaker’s nominal impedance is an _________________ across its usable frequency range
  87. (f)A loudspeaker’s axial sensitivity is defined as the….
    dBspl output @ 1 watt 1 meter
  88. (f)All loudspeakers suffer from power compression which is the product of….
    vice coil heat
  89. (f)Name three types of amplifier input connectors?
    • xlr
    • TRS
    • phoenix
    • network
  90. (f)Name three types of amplifier output connectors
    • nl2 /4 /8
    • 5 way binding post
    • barrier strips
    • TS
  91. (f)Name the three most common amplifier operating modes
    • stereo
    • parallel
    • bridge
  92. (f)Define the term “input sensitivity”
  93. (f)If your amplifier’s input sensitivity is set too low (relative to the actual input level), what will most likely happen?
  94. (f)If your amplifier’s input sensitivity is set too high (relative to the actual input level), whatwill most likely happen?
  95. (f)What does the term system drive refer to?
    choosing what output busses on console will feed loudspeaker systems
  96. (f)Describe two benefits of driving subwoofers from an aux send
    • control what goes to subs
    • decease potential for low feq feedback
  97. (f)List three purposes for using a center cluster of loudspeakers
    • vocals
    • speech
    • surround cnt ch
  98. (f)There are two different ways to use front fills, describe one of these methods in as much detail as you can…
    • -matrax sum of L/R
    • -vocals only sub mix using aux
  99. (f)When wiring loudspeakers via Neutrik speakon connectors, the highest numbered pin is wired to the….
    highest feq driver
  100. (f)Define the term “bi-amped loudspeaker”
    a monitor that is actively crossed over & power by two separate amp channels
  101. (f)What is the purpose of a paralleled input panel on an amplifier rack?
    jump signal from 1 mix to anthor
  102. (f)What is the purpose of a paralleled output panel on an amplifier rack?
    parallel mulit speakers on to same amp output
  103. (f)The differences between active and passive crossovers
  104. (f)The differences between powered and unpowered loudspeaker cabinets
  105. (f)Driving loudspeaker subsystems off of the console vs. having them fed directly off of theloudspeaker processor
  106. (f)Common drive techniques for subsystems such as front fills, delays, side hangs, rear hangs etc
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