Test 1 Doctrine

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  1. Daniel 7 Picture
    • Jesus holding cross
    • God on right side
    • Spirit all encompassing
  2. 3 parts of paradigm
    • Life FROM father
    • death IN son
    • resurrection BY holy spirit
  3. Story of Israel as Paradigm
    • Life: god gave abraham and his barren wife a son
    • Death: they were not going to trust god 
    • Resurrection: taken out of egypt and into holy land
  4. Baptism
    church practice demonstrating paradigm
  5. Vital v Cultural Christianity
    • vital: scripture, worship, etc. 
    • Cultural: things from media and folklore, etc.
  6. Therapeutic Moralistic Deism
    we do what works for us, if it works to be a Christian then we go for it
  7. Deism
    god is creator but not sustainer
  8. Marx
    belief in god sanctions exploitation of the weak
  9. Freud
    we hold on to God as all knowing when our parents aren't all knowing and this makes us inner children
  10. Nietzsche
    all that exists is will and letting God be our will does not let us exercise it to our fullest extent
  11. Feurbach
    god is an ideological projection of our personal values; personification
  12. Durkheim
    God becames a symbol that empowers community life
  13. Secularism
    arguments come from exhaustion over european wars relating to religion
  14. Doctrine of Hiddenness
    • God is hidden/unknown unless He reveals Himself to us 
    • God is so fundamentally different from us that it takes effort for Him to reveal Himself
    • the only real place we see god is on the cross which is the one place we need eyes of faith to see Him
  15. Special revelation
    what God has shown to particular people at particular times
  16. Via Positiva
    we take a human trait and multiply it by infinity and assume that is what God is
  17. Via Negativa
    everything we aren't God is; wholly other
  18. Father-Son
    this language is important because Sonship implies inheritance
  19. Creatio Inmediata
    unmediated, created out of nothing
  20. Polytheism
    many specialized gods that can all be worshipped
  21. Dualism
    competing powers good and evil
  22. Pantheism
    all is god and the universe is self-created because the universe IS god
  23. Atheism
    without god. the universe is self-actualized on its own accord
  24. Platonism
    the universe preexisted and god did his best to make it good
  25. Process Theology
    the universe is co-evolving with god and both are becoming perfect
  26. Creatio Mediata
    god creates out of creation or through creation
  27. Formless and Void
    create the distinctions and then fill them
  28. Gnosticism
    creator god is evil and Jesus came as a God 2.0 to reform the world
  29. Renaissance
    god made the rules of science and he let them play out
  30. Continuata
    Providence, God's continued creation
  31. Fatalism
    creation is unfree and controlled and manipulated by God
  32. Goodness is the purpose of creation
    this is why God kept saying "And it was good"
  33. Creatio Nova
    God's coming creation, the New creation
  34. Telos
    Goal, Point, End 
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