Chapter 6

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  1. Progressives
    Americans who set out to reform government and improve life for the poor and needy
  2. Commission
    a special committee (especially in government)
  3. Corruption
    a dishonest way of acting (threatened many local government)
  4. Monopoly
    a company that has very little or no competition
  5. Armistice
    an agreement to stop fighting
  6. Conservation
    wise use and protection of natural resources
  7. Aviation
    travel by air
  8. Isthmus
    a narrow stretch of land connecting two larger masses of land
  9. Civil rights
    rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution
  10. Yellow Journalism
    kind of reporting that does not tell the truth and exaggerates, also called propaganda
  11. Reform
    to change
  12. Thomas Edison
    invented the phonograph and established electric power stations
  13. Robert M. la follette
    Governor of WI who worked for government reform and labor reform
  14. Theodore Rooselvet
    President who agreed with progressives and also supported conservation efforts
  15. Henry Ford
    Used the assembly line to produce cars faster and less expensively
  16. Ida B. Wells
    a woman who is remembered as one of the first American civil rights leaders
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