PT 210 Mod 7: Recording Voiceover and ADR

  1. Describe how you would set up a Pro Tools session to record ADR? (pg.186)
    You need 3 beeps to sync dialog. Using a streamer or a puch.
  2. What is the difference between Auto Input Monitoring and Input Only Monitoring? (pg.187)
    Auto Input only monitor up until the punch point on record enabled tracks.
  3. What are playlist and how are they useful? (pg.191)
    Playlist will use less voices then making new audio tracks.
  4. What is the difference between a main playlist and a playlist lane? (pg.195)
    Playlist lanes show up under the main track.
  5. How can playlists be deleted? (pg.203)
    Right-click or Control-Click select delet
  6. What is a clip rating used for? (pg.206)
    useful for identifying which record takes will be the most appropriate for the scene and for compositing.
  7. How is playlist lane filtering useful for post production? (pg.208)
    to show hide theme based on different criteria.
  8. How are sync points useful when editing ADR? (pg.209)
    use sync points to sync audio to precise locations.
  9. What is the X-Form plug-in used for? (pg.211)
    Time compression and Expanssion used to for ADR sync
  10. How is Elastic Audio useful for editing ADR? (pg.212)
    you can change the length as needed
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PT 210 Mod 7: Recording Voiceover and ADR
PT 210 Mod 7: Recording Voiceover and ADR