PT 210 Mod 5: Non-Linear Field Recorder Workflows

  1. What is a Field Recorder? (pg.127)
    hard disk location audio recorder, is a device used to make multichannel recording of multiple microphone inputs.
  2. What audio file types doeas Pro Tools support for import from Filed Recorders? (pg.126)
  3. What type of Field Recorder metadata does Pro Tools support, and how is this medadata useful? (pg.129)
    • MFX
    • Avid OMF wrapped media
    • Brodacast WAV (BWF) both BEXT and iXML chunks
  4. How can Field Recorders metadata be displayed in Playlist and the Clip List? (pg.129)
    • View>Clip
    • Clips>Show
  5. How can Filed Recorders metadata be displayed in DigiBase browser? (pg.129)
    • Right-click
    • Control-click
  6. How do you designate an Audio Track as a Field Recorder Guide Track in Pro Tools 10? (pg.134)
    • Right-click
    • Control-click
    • Select Field Recorder Guide Track
  7. How can Pro Tools 10 be configured to search areas outside the open session's Clip List? (pg.133)
    Must designate a Guide Track
  8. How can alternate takes that are recorded using a Field Recorder be accessed from within Pro Tools? (pg.131)
  9. Which window designated the metadata fileds being used to determine matches for a Field Recorder Guide Track? (pg.131)
  10. In what scenerio would Expand Alternate Field Recorder Channel by Timecode only, be used? (pg.141)
    when expanding edited guide tracks to original source audio that was recorded while reference to timecode, but where channel names or numbers were not written into the audi files metadata.
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PT 210 Mod 5: Non-Linear Field Recorder Workflows
PT 210 Mod 5: Non-Linear Field Recorder Workflows