PT 210 Mod 4: OMF & AAF File Interchange

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  1. What are the difference between Media/Essence data and Metadata? (pg.96)
    • Media- is multimedia data.
    • Meta-how to combine or modify individual sections.
  2. What is an MFX file? (pg.97)
    contains actual video and audio media.
  3. How are embedded OMF/AAF sequences different from externally referenced sequences? (pg.97)
    • embedded contain media
    • externally only contains metadata
  4. What two ways can an OMF/AAF sequence be imported into Pro Tools? (pg.100)
    • File>open session
    • Track>Import>Session Data
  5. What type of OMF or AAF data can be imported and exported from Pro Tools? (pg.116)
    • Embeded Audio
    • Video
    • Reference Audio
    • Video Import
    • Volume,Pan and Mute.
  6. Are OMF or AAF sequences with embedded video compatible with Pro Tools? (pg.116)
  7. How can MFX audio files that are not associated with an AAF sequence be imported into Pro Tools? (pg.115)
    • File>Import>Audio
    • Draga and drop from finder, Digibase browser.
  8. What file type allows transfer of RTAS plug-in instance and settings from Media Composer to Pro Tools? (Pg.107)
  9. Which vesrion of Pro Tools is compatible with the Mixdown with Video Edits export option for Media Composer? (pg.109)
    7.2 or later
  10. What types of Pro Tools systems allow the importing of Video Satellite tracks? (pg.114)
    Pro Tools HD hardware systems.
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PT 210 Mod 4: OMF & AAF File Interchange
PT 210 Mod 4: OMF & AAF File Interchange
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