Procedures 3

  1. Techniques to assist with Hip extension in intial contact midstance
    • hand under buttock & opposite hand rotate knee
    • shoulder on buttock & opposite hadn rotate knee
    • Theraband around buttock
    • walking behind with hand on buttock and opposite hand rotating trunk
  2. Technique to assist with Hip ABD/ADD in loading response-midstance
    • side by side match step and support hip
    • AD dont have to match step
  3. 1st rocker (heel strike) in inital contact
    • pivot over calcaneous, eccentric of DF
    • back against wall and come forward
  4. 2nd rocker (eccentric Gastroc-soleus) in loading response to midstance
    • pivot around ankle joint PF
    • push foot down into floor
    • hand around proximal tibia & force down
  5. 3rd rocker (concentric of Gas-sol) in terminal stance to pre-swing
    • front of foot into extension
    • on ball pulling ankles
    • tapping TA and rubbing
  6. Hip flexion with knee flexion in swing
    wrap ankle when in DF & EV
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