PT 210 Mod 3: Using Pro Tools with a Video Satellite

  1. What is the Satellite Link option? (pg.60)
    Let's you link up up too 12 Pro Tools HD 10 systems over a ethernet network.
  2. What are the Avid terms Projects, Sequence, and Clip roughly the equivelent to in Pro Tools? (pg.62)
    • Projects are where a number of Bins are stored and organized. Bins can also be shared between projects.
    • Sequence-equivilent to a Pro Tools session: It is a collection of clips and sub-clips organized in a Timeline.
    • Clip-refrences one or more media files which play in synchronization.
  3. How is NTSC 29.97 FPS referred to in Media Composer's New Project dialog box? (pg.68)
  4. How is a drop frame timecode format denoted in the Media Composer's General Settings dialog box? (pg.70)
    typing semi-colons between the timecode seconds and frames fields.
  5. What are some of the reasons you would use the Media Composer Video Satellite option? (pg.61)
    allows users to playback an Avid HD or SD video sequence in sync with audio playing from up to 11 seperate pro tools hd 10 systems.
  6. How many Video Satellite or Video Satellite LE systems can be simultaneosly linked on a Satellite network? (pg.60)
    • VS-11
    • VS LE- 11
  7. How many Pro Tools systems can be linked with a video satellite system simultaneously on a Satellite network? (pg.60)
  8. List the similarities between Video Satellite and Video LE (pg.60)
  9. How can you link and unlink Satellite systems from the Transport window? (pg.78)
    • click link button
    • Option+Shift+L
  10. What happens if the Pro Tools softwear application on a system acting as Administration in a Satellite network is quit? (pg.80)
    releases the satellite so that it can be linked to other Pro Tools systems.
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PT 210 Mod 3: Using Pro Tools with a Video Satellite
PT 210 Mod 3: Using Pro Tools with a Video Satellite