PT 210 Mod 2: Working with the Video Track

  1. What two different video display options are avalible on a video track in the Edit window? (pg.34)
    • Frames view
    • Blocks view
  2. How can an Avid video track be distinguished from a Quicktime video track? (pg.36)
    • Avid icon
    • QuickTime icon
  3. Can Avid and Quicktime video files reside on the same video track? (pg.36)
  4. How can a video track be locked and unlocked? (pg.37)
    • Right-click
    • Control-click
  5. How can the Video window be displayed and resized? (pg.38)
    • Window>Video
    • Command+9
    • Resize=Right-click, Control-click
  6. List the editing tools that can be used on a video tracks. (pg.40)
    Same as audio.
  7. What type of video can playback but not be edited in the Pro Tools timeline? (pg.40)
  8. How is video file renaming different from audio file renaming? (pg.40)
  9. What is the Video Universe window and what is it used for? (pg.44)
    Allows you to zoom, view, navigate, and selct video clips.
  10. How can video clips in the timeline be selected from Video Universe window? (pg.46)
    Move the cursor over the bottom half of any video frame until it becomes a selector tool.
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PT 210 Mod 2: Working with the Video Track
PT 210 Mod 2: Working with the Video Track