1. What does alveoli mean?
    ari sacs in lungs where oxygen enters blood and co2 leaves
  2. what does antibody mean?
    chemicals that identify or destroy pathogens/invaders
  3. what does antigen mean?
    chemical maker found on red blood cells
  4. what does blood presure mean?
    pressure in arteries due to heart breating
  5. what does bronchi mean?
    main air tube leading from trachea to lungs
  6. what is a bronchioles?
    branches off to the bronchi, air tubes
  7. what does cellular respiration?
    using oxygen to break down food for energy
  8. what is a diaphram ?
    muscle that helps in breathing
  9. what is distolic blood pressure?
    pressure on arteries resulting from when ventricles relax
  10. what is a larynxs?
    vocal cords the valve voice box between the pharynx and trachea
  11. define pharynx
    the thoat whrre mouth and nose passesways meet
  12. define systolic blood pressure
    pressure on arteries resulting from when ventricles contract
  13. define trachea
    main airway
  14. define transfusion
    the injection of blood/blood parts into a person
  15. define plasma
    part of blood that carries nutrients like suger,minerals
  16. define platelets
    help to clot blood
  17. define red blood cells
    carry oxygen on hemoglobin
  18. define white blood cells
    fight infection
  19. define capillaries
    allow the exchange of nutrients between blood and cells connect arteries and veins
  20. define veins
    • carries blood to the heart
    • oxygen poor blood
  21. define artieries
    • carries blood to the heart to body cells
    • oxygen-rich blood
  22. define emphysema
    a 2 probs dia resp sys
    alveoil are damaged and cant exchange oxygen and co2
  23. define asthma
    2 probs dia resp sys
    bronchioles narrow and make it hard to breathe
  24. define hear attack
    2 p dia cardio
    an arter gets block and causes part of the heat to die-can no longer function
  25. define heart failure
    2p dia carido
    heart cant pump enough blood to meet bodys needs
  26. define stroke
    2p dia cario
    blood vessel in brain gets blocked and bursts
  27. define hyperension
    2p dia cario
    high blood pressure can cause kidney and liver damage
  28. functions-cadio
    3 p
    • 1. pumps blood
    • 2.transport oxygen and nutrients to all cells
    • 3. picks up waste products from cells
  29. fuctions -res
    1. brings in oxygen and gets rid of co2
  30. blood types 8
    a+ a- b+ b- o+ o- ab+ ab-
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