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  1. where should 1st aid be?
  2. what is first step or rule to reduce accidents?
  3. define allergic reaction
  4. define poisoning
  5. describe 1st aid treatment
  6. explain sign of emergencies
  7. what should one do to reduce profuse bleeding?
  8. what is best first aid treatment minor cuts/scratches?
  9. define binomial nomenclature
  10. who invented modern method of classification?
  11. explain modern method of classification
  12. whats its purpose?
  13. describe 4 main characters for chordate
  14. mammalia is what?
  15. reptilian is what?
  16. aves are what?
  17. osteichthyes are what?
  18. what do one wear when dealing with blood?
    latex gloves
  19. how should one approach a scared/injured animal?
    cautiously, slow
  20. define CPR
    cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  21. when does one use CPR?
    when no pulse
  22. what does one do to prevent hand slipping during CPR?
    lock fingers on other hand
  23. what is TPR?
    temp, pulse, respiration
  24. where does most accurate info of vet medicine be found?
  25. what must one do before using thermometer?
    cleansed the thermometer
  26. what are normal ranges for cats/dogs?
    97 degrees
  27. what side should you stand when restraining or working with horses?
    left side, always
  28. where should their head be or turned to?
    towards yourself
  29. where are cephalic, femoral?
    towards head, top front leg
  30. define antibiotic
    inhibits growth, kills bad bacteria
  31. primary bandage layer?
    closest to skin, stops bleeding
  32. secondary bandage layer?
    absorbent, padded
  33. tertiary bandage layer?
  34. what are the steps to prepare for surgery?
    wash hands thoroughly, wear gloves, goggles, cleaned area, mask
  35. describe arrhythmia?
    slow, unnatural heart pulse, breathing disorders
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