PT 201 Mod 3: Session Configuration and Navigation

  1. Describe some ways to free up a voice on a track? pg.53
    • Voice selector to off
    • deactivate track
    • remove output
    • send assigments
    • Mute free assigned voice (Option menu)
  2. What window allows you to specify which tracks record to each drive? Must all tracks in a session record to the same drive? pg.54
    Disk Allocation, No.
  3. How many Scroll Options are available on a HD system? What are they? pg.57
    • 2 Scroll Options
    • Continous
    • Center Playhead.
  4. Which scrolling option disregards the Timeline Insertion Follows Playback setting? pg.57
  5. How can you quickly scroll any track to the top of the edit window in one-step? Describe several ways to execute this function. pg.60
    • Right Click>Scroll Into View
    • Ctr>Shft>Click Track List or Name Plate.
  6. What are some of the color coding options available through the Color Palette? pg.61
    • Saturation
    • Brightness
    • Apply to Channel Strips button.
  7. Describe three ways to deactivate a track. Why/when is it useful to deactivate a track? pg.53
    • right click- make inactive,
    • Track menu>make inactive.
    • Ctr+Com-Click.
  8. What is the the maximum number of simultaneous voiced tracks supported on a Pro Tools | HD Native system? pg.52
  9. How does Pro Tools determine voice priority for tracks? pg.52
    The top voice gets the highest priority. dynamic voicing.
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PT 201 Mod 3: Session Configuration and Navigation
PT 201 Mod 3: Session Configuration and Navigation