PT 201 Mod 2: Customizing Pro Tools

  1. The Hardware Setup dialog box is used to assign physical connections on an HD Series audio interface to DigiLink inputs and outputs for Pro Tools. What other parameters can you configure from the Main page of the Hardware Setup dialog box? pg12
    • External Clock output
    • Sample rate conversion
    • Digital Input.
  2. What other pages are available in the Hardware setup dialog box the HD OMNI audio interface, in addition to the Main page? What are some of the options available in these pages? pg14
    • Analog In
    • Analog Out
    • Monitor
    • Mixer
  3. What does the Current Engine setting in the Playback Engine dialog box determine? pg 24
    Lets you select the audio engine for use for your audio interface.
  4. What impact does the H/W Buffer Size setting have on Pro Tools HD systems performance? How is this setting different for Pro Tools| HD Native systems than it is for Pro Tools| Hd and Pro Tools| HDX systems? pg24
    • Sets the number of samples processed at ounce during a processor cycle for Native plug-ins only.
    • HD and HDX allows DSP and Native plug-ins.
  5. What impact do the Host Processors and CPU Usage Limit settings have on Pro Tools system performance? pg24
    • Host Processor-Reserves more CPU capacity for Native plug-in processing.
    • CPU Usage Limit- maximum precentage of your computers processing power.
  6. What Playback Engine setting would you use to change the number of voices per DSP chip on a Pro Tools|HD system? Why would you need to change this setting? pg 24
    Number of Voices- Used to increase or decrease the number of voices along with the DSP chips avalible.
  7. What does the Disk Playback Cache Size determine? Why is this useful? pg24
    • Determines the amount of memory (RAM) used by DAE to manage disk buffer.
    • Reduces the playback wait time.
  8. What system parameters can be monitored from the System Usage Window? pg32
    • PCI bus activity
    • CPU bandwith Native Plg-ins
    • CPU bandwith Real Time Elastic and Clip Gain. Hard disk processing activity precentage of disk cache filled, voices in use.....
  9. What tabs are available in the I/O Setup Window?
    • Input
    • Output
    • Bus
    • Insert
    • Mic Preamps
    • H/W Insert Delay
  10. What modifier key must be used to import all of the pages of an I/O Setup file?
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PT 201 Mod 2: Customizing Pro Tools
PT 201 Mod 2: Customizing Pro Tools