Human Sexuality Test 2 Part 3

  1. Researchers Karen Franklin studied perpetrators of hate crimes in San Francisco. Which reason for committing these crimes against gays was NOT given by her subjects?
    D. Hatred of gays
  2. When she ovulates, a woman's face becomes:
    B. More symetrical
  3. The idea that we fall in love and have sex to propagate the species and spread our own genetic material based on the __________perspective or school of sexology
    D. Evolutionary
  4. When sexually aroused, the:
    A. first third of the vagina (closer to the opening) becomes narrower while the back part (deep inside)expands and sometimes balloons open.
  5. What is the universally attractive waist:hip ratio for women?
    B. 7:1
  6. What is the universally attractive waist:hip ratio for men?
    A. 9:1
  7. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has what in common with being in the "crazy in love" stage of early relationships:
    A. Low levels of serotonin
  8. The main Neurotransmitter that enables us to feel pleasure, critical in the "reward system" of the brain:
    C. Dopamine
  9. Generally speaking, the Plateau phase for women usually lasts:
    A. Between 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  10. In women, there are about __________ muscular contractions during orgasm:
    C. 8-15
  11. Fantasies about forced sex are:
    B. Common in women, about 50% of them in one study
  12. Laumann et al. (National Health and Social Life Survey, 1994) found that:
    B. People who are having regular sex with a partner masturbate more than the people who are not having regular sex
  13. When she has an orgasm, a women's cervix:
    C. Dips down onto the walls of the vagina to suck up semen
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