Chem Final

  1. Define what a thiol is and its importance in biochemistry
    • thiols create bad smells which includes onions, garlic, skunk smell and rotten egg. Thiols have the following structure C-S-H
    • They form disulfide bonds, which make up proteins and they are in acetyl CoA
  2. Define what a phenol is and gives its importance in biochemistry
    • Polyphenols act as a free radical trap and prevent cancer. They are found in wine, berries and cabbage
    • BHT is used as an antioxidant in food
    • Used as disinfectants and antiseptics
    • Vitamin E which is in vegetable oil and nuts
    • Mouth Wash
  3. Catalyst
    Lowers the activation energy and speeds up a reaction but it does not get used up after the reaction is finished.
  4. Le Chatelier's Principle
    If a system is at equilibrium and a stress or disturbance is applied, the system will adjust as to counteract the disturbance (Equilibrium will shift temporarily in one direction)
  5. Equilibrium Constant
    A constant that is calculated from the relation between molar concentrations of products and reactants of a chemical equation at equilibrium.
  6. Alpha particle
    The nucleus of a helium atom omitted by a radioactive substance.
  7. Precision vs. Accuracy
    Precision is how close numbers are to each other and accuracy is how close the numbers are to the true value.
  8. Weak Acid vs Strong Acid
    A strong acid will completely disassociate in water. A weak acid will not. This ability determines its strength.
  9. Respiratory Acidosis
    Includes emphysema and it is caused by an increase of carbon dioxide. It causes the pH to decrease, which shifts the equilibrium to the right. Treatment is an IV of bicarbonate.
  10. Uses of Radioactivity
    • MRI is when a subject is put into a magnetic field and is given a nonharmful radio frequency that detects infections or tumors.
    • Cancer treatment-a patient is given Cobalt 60, which destroys rapidly dividing cells.
    • Nuclear Imaging uses a gamma emitter (technium) that targets a specific area.
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