1. Disease
    Any abnormal function of the body
  2. Epidemiology
    Study of diseases over a large group
  3. Etiology
    Study of cause and origin of a disease
  4. Iatrogenic
    PTs condition from a medical treatment
  5. Idiopathic
    Unknown cause
  6. Incidence
    Number of new cases of a disease over time
  7. Infection
    Inflammatory process caused by a disease causing organism
  8. Lesion
    Cellular change caused by a disease
  9. Manifestations
    Visible cellular changes
  10. Metabolism
    Physical and chemical processes in the body that convert or use energy
  11. Metaplasia
    Tissue converting to a different type
  12. Neoplastic
    New, abnormal tissue growth
  13. Nosocomial
    Disease caught from a health care environment
  14. Prevalence
    Number of diseases over a population
  15. Prognosis
    Prediction of course and outcome
  16. Sarcoma
    Malignant tumor
  17. Sequelae
    Conditions cause by a disease
  18. Syndrome
    Signs and symptoms that categorize a certain condition
  19. Virulence
    How easy an organism can bypass your immune system
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