list 12

  1. engender
    verb - to cause, produce, bring into being
  2.  incongruous
    adjective - inappropriate; out of place
  3.  philistine
    adjective - narrow-minded; smugly conventional
  4. relegate
    verb - to put in a less important position; to assign; to banish
  5. ungainly
    adjective - clumsy; awkward; hard to handle
  6. viable
    adjective - able to live or exist; practicable
  7. writhe
    verb - to twist or squirm, as in pain; to suffer from shame or shyness
  8. zenith
    noun - the point in the sky directly above one; the highest point
  9.  aloof
    adjective - indifferent; unsympathetic; not interested; apart
  10. chastise
    verb - to criticize severely
  11. censure
    verb - to blame; to criticize adversely
  12. despot
    noun - monarch with unlimited power
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list 12
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