A&P Ch 18-19

  1. Which is not of the heart?
    Both atria receive their blood supply from branches of the right and left coronary arteries
  2. On a ECG, the T wave represents...
    repolarization of ventricles
  3. Blood from the superior vena cava enters which part of the heart?
    Right atrium
  4. Which blood vessels has the largest total cross-sectional area?
  5. Depolariztion of the ventricle is...
    clearly depicted by the QRS complex
  6. As the external iliac artery enters the thigh, its name changes to the          artery.
  7. The pulm arteries carry blood to the...
  8. The normal pattern of impulse conduction thru heart is...
    SA node, AV node, bundle of HIS, Purkinje fibers
  9. The effect of what substance is to increase the total blood volume?
    ADH and aldosterone
  10. Semilunar valves open into...
    the aorta and the pulm artery
  11. The muscular layer of the heart is...
    the myocardium
  12. Which would cause a decrease in blood viscosity?
    Marked anemia
  13. The correct order of the layers of the heart from deep to superficial is...
    endocardium, myocardium, and epicardium
  14. During BP reading, the first sound you hear is...
    the systolic sound, indicating contraction of the ventricles
  15. The pulse in the wrist is felt over which artery?
  16. Cardiac output is determined by the...
    stroke volume and heart rate
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A&P Ch 18-19
A&P Ch 18-19