Vocabulary Unit 8

  1. Austere
    (adj.) Sever and stern in manner; without adornment or luxury, simple, plain, harsh or sour in flavor
  2. Beneficient
    (adj.) performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits, doing good
  3. Cadaverous
    • (adj.) Pale, grut, resembling a corpse
    • S: Corpeslike, wasted, ghastly
    • A: Robust, portly, rosy
  4. Concoct
    • (verb) to prepare by combinig ingredients, make up(as a dish), to devise, invent, fabricate
    • S: Create, fashion, rustle up
  5. Crass
    • (adj.) Coarse, unfeeling, stupid
    • S:crude, vulgar, tastless, oafish, obtuse
    • A: refined, elegant, tasteful, briliant
  6. Debase
    • (verb) to lower in charecter, quality, or value, to degrade, adulturate; to cause to deteriorate
    • S:cheapen, corrupt, demean, depreciate
    • A: elevate, uplift, improve, enhance
  7. Desercrate
    • (verb) to commit sacrilege, upon, treat irrelevent; to contaimenate, pollute
    • S: Profane, defile, violate
    • A: Revere, honor, venerate
  8. Disconcert
    • (verb) to confuse; to disturb the composure of
    • S: Upset, rattle, ruffle, faze, perturb
    • A: Relax, calm, put at ease
  9. Grandiose
    • (adj.) Grand in impresive or stately way; marked by pompous affection or grandeur, absurdly exaggerated
    • S: majestic, bombastic, high falutin
    • A: Simple, modest, unaffected, humble
  10. Inconsequential
    • (adj.) trifling, unimportant
    • S: Trivial, negligible, petty, paltry
    • A:important, essential, crucial, vital
  11. Infraction
    • (noun) a breaking of a law or obligation
    • S: Violation, transgression, breach, offense
  12. Mitigate
    • (verb) to make milder or softer to moderate in force or intensity
    • S: Lessen, relieve, alleviate, diminish
    • A: aggravate, intensify, irritate, exacerbate
  13. Pillage
    • (verb) To rob of goods by open force(as in war), punder
    • (Noun) The act of looting booty
    • S: (v) ravage, sack, loot(n) booty
  14. Prate
    • (verb) To talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless fashion
    • S: Chatter, Prattle, blab, palaver
    • A: Come to the point, not waste words
  15. Punctilious
    • (adj.) Very careful and exact, atentive to fine points of etiquette or property
    • S: Precise, scrupulous, exacting, fussy
    • A: Laughable, risible, contemptible
  16. Redoubtable
    (adj.) Inspiring fear and awe; illustrious, eminent
  17. Reprove
    • (verb) To find fault with, scold, rebuke
    • S: Chide, chastise, upbraid, reproach
    • A: Praise, comment, Laud, pat on the back
  18. Restitution
    • (noun) The act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner or to a former state or position; making good on a loss or a damage
    • S: Compensation,reimbursment, redress, resoration
  19. Stalwart
    • (adj.) Strong and sturdy; brave; resolute
    • (noun) a brave, strong person; a strong supporter; one who takes an uncomprimising position
    • S: (adj.)Sturdy, stout, intrepid vilant (noun) mainstay
    • A: (adj.)Weak, infirm, irresolute, vacillating
  20. Vulnerable
    • (adj.) Open to attack; capable of being wounded or damaged; unprotected
    • S: defensless, exposed, unguarded
    • A: Invincible, protected, safe, secure
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