Flor Gomez

  1. Puerile
    juvenille; immature
  2. Gravitas
    high seriousness; dignity; impotance; weightiness
  3. Lambaste
    to give in a thrashing; to beat; to scold sharplhy; to berate
  4. Uncouth
    Crude; unrefined
  5. Levity
    Lightness of manner or speech, especially when inappropiate; frivolity
  6. Ascertain
    to perceive or learn
  7. Smarmy
    revealing a smug, ingratiating or false sincerity
  8. Vestige
    s mark or tace of something lost or vanished
  9. Sunjugate
    to bring under control; to subdue
  10. audacious
    daring; bold; reckless
  11. Fodder
    inferior or readily available material to supply a heavy demand; food
  12. Amalgamate
    to bring together; to unite
  13. Clandestine
    secreaqt; hidden
  14. Harangue
    a long, ranting speech
  15. Augment
    to add to; to expand
  16. tantamount
    equivalnet in value or significance
  17. Paraphernalia
    personal belongins; articles used in a certain acivity
  18. Propagate
    to multiply; to spread out
  19. pragmatic
    practical im approach or outlook
  20. micrososm
    a small system representing a larger system
  21. inure
    to casue someone or something to become accustomed to a situatuion
  22. evanescent
    fleeting; momentary
  23. fervor
    great warmpth and intensity of emotion; passion
  24. encumber
    to weigh down; burden
  25. Precocious
    advanced for its age; developing early
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