Anatomy II Exam 4

  1. to Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder/Bile Sac, Spleen, Pancreas, and first part of Small Intestine
    Celiac Trunk (Celiac Artery, Celiac Axis)
  2. 3 branches of the Celiac Trunk (Celiac Artery, Celiac Axis)
    • a) Left Gastric A.
    • b) Splenic A.
    • c) Common Hepatic A.
  3. to Superior part of lesser Curvature of Stomach
    Left Gastric A.
  4. to the left across the top of the pancreas to the Spleen
    Splenic A.
  5. 3 branches of the Splenic A.
    • i) Pancreatic Aa.
    • ii) Short Gastric A.
    • iii) Left Gastroepiploic A.
  6. (Several or many) – to the Pancreas
    Pancreatic Aa.
  7. to Fundus of the Stomach
    Short Gastric A.
  8. to Superior left Portion of the Greater Curvature of Stomach
    Left Gastroepiploic A.
  9. 4 branches of Common Hepatic A.
    • i) Rt. Gastric A.
    • ii) Rt. Gastroduodenal A.
    • iii) Rt. Hepatic A.
    • iv) Lt. Hepatic A.
  10. to liver
    Common Hepatic A.
  11. to Inferior part of Lesser Curvature of Stomach
    Rt. Gastric A.
  12. to Stomach & Duodenum
    Rt. Gastroduodenal A.
  13. two branches of Rt. Gastroduodenal A.
    • (1) Rt. Gastroepiploic A.
    • (2) Superior Pancreaticoduodenal A.
  14. to Lower Right portion of the Greater Curvature of the Stomach
    Rt. Gastroepiploic A.
  15. to Pancreas and Duodenum
    Superior Pancreaticoduodenal A.
  16. to Right lobe of Liver
    Rt. Hepatic A.
  17. branch of Rt. Hepatic A.
    Cystic A.
  18. to Gall Bladder (Bile Sac)
    Cystic A.
  19. to Left lobe of Liver
    Lt. Hepatic A.
  20. to most of Small Intestine & First Half of Large Intestine
    Superior Mesenteric A.
  21. 4 branches of the Superior Mesenteric A.
    • a) Intestinal Branches
    • b) Rt. Colic A.
    • c) Middle Colic A.
    • d) Ileocolic A. (Ileoceacal A.)
  22. to jejunum and ileum of small intestine
    Intestinal Branches
  23. to Ascending Colon
    Rt. Colic A.
  24. to Transverse Colon
    Middle Colic A.
  25. to Termination of Ileum, the Ceacum (& Appendix) and part of the Ascending Colon
    Ileocolic A. (Ileoceacal A.)
  26. to last part (Terminal Portion) of Large Intestine
    Inferior Mesenteric A.
  27. 3 branches of the Inferior Mesenteric A.
    • a) Lt. Colic A. (Superior Left Colic A.)
    • b) Sigmoid A. (Lower Left Colic A.)
    • c) Superior Rectal A.
  28. to Superior part of Descending Colon
    Lt. Colic A. (Superior Left Colic A.)
  29. to Lower or Inferior part of Descending Colon and Sigmoid Colon
    Sigmoid A. (Lower Left Colic A.)
  30. to the Rectum
    Superior Rectal A.
  31. two or more vessels going to the same body part
    collateral circulation
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