Health Assessment Culture

  1. acculturation
    process of accommodating to another culture
  2. culture
    integrated system of shared values
  3. custom
    habitual activity of a group or subgroup
  4. enculturation
    process of assuming the traits and behaviors of a given culture
  5. ethnocentrism
    belief in the superiority of one's own culture with disdain of others
  6. ethnos (ethnic group)
    groups of same race or nationality with a common culture and traits
  7. Minority
    group differentiated from the majority population with regard to religion, race, or ethnic origin
  8. Norm
    prescribed standard of allowable behavior within a group
  9. race
    physical differentiator based on a common heredity
  10. rite
    prescribed, formal, customary observance
  11. ritual
    stereotypical behavior regulating religious, social, and professional behaviors
  12. stereotype
    simplified, inflexible conception of the members of a group
  13. subculture
    subgroup having distinctive traits that differentiate it from the larger culture
  14. values
     ideals, customs, institutions, and behaviors within a group for which the members have a respectful regard
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