1 - Matter

  1. List  qualifications for purse substances
    • single chemical
    • one kind of matter
    • has one definite composition
    • has definite properties
  2. List the qualifications for mixtures
    • two or more chemicals
    • many compositions possible (variable)
    • properties depend of composition
    • can be separated by physical means (running a current through)
  3. What are the two types of matter?
    pure substances and mixtures
  4. What are the two types of mixtures?
    Homogeneous and heterogeneous
  5. What are the two types of pure substances?
    Elements and compound.
  6. List the qualifications for homogeneous mixtures.
    • uniform composition
    • uniform appearance
    • solution
  7. What does the prefix "homo" mean?
  8. What does the prefix "hetero" mean?
  9. What are the qualifications for heterogeneous mixtures?
    • non uniform composition
    • non uniform appearance
    • distinct parts (phases)
  10. List the qualifications for elements.
    • cannot be separated or decomposed into other purse substances
    • contains 1 type of atom
  11. List the qualifications for compounds.
    • can be separated into other purse substances
    • contains 2 or more kinds of atom
  12. List the qualifications for physical properties.
    • Characterize physical states of behavior of something
    • description by senses (color, shape, odor)
    • measurable (mp, bp, density)
  13. List the qualifications for chemical properties.
    • describe the ability of a substance to change into a new substance
    • list of chemical changes possible
    • "may react to form.."
  14. List the qualifications for physical changes.
    • changes of state, but substance remains the same.
    • New form of old substance
    • no new substance
  15. What's the difference between chemical change and property?
    a chemical property is the potential for a chemical change, a chemical change is when a substance already changed.
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