Psych midterm

  1. A valid test is one that...
    Actually measures what it sets out to measure
  2. What % of the population has IQ scores between 70 & 130
  3. A form of intelligence that refers to how effectively people perceive and understand their own feelings & feelings of others, is______ intelligence.
  4. Compared to formal concepts learned in science and math, natural concepts tend to be...
    Fuzzy with unclear boundaries 
  5. The trial-&-error method of solving problems is also known as...
    The mechanical solution 
  6. What systematic problem-solving method guarantees a solution, provided that one exist?
    Algorithmic method 
  7. What problem-solving strategies don't guarantee solutions but make efficient use of time?
  8. Term psychologist use to describe our tendency to search for evidence that supports our beliefs & to ignore evidence that might disprove it?
    Confirmation bias
  9. Riley figured out how to unlock the bedroom door w/ a paper clip. What has he overcame In His new use of the paper clip?
    Functional fixedness
  10. Coming up w/ many different uses of a brick, such doorstops is a type of_____ thinking.
  11. Ability to think rationally or logically, & use resources effectively when faced w/ challenges is psychologist working definition of...
  12. Researchers typically stress that a key aspect of intelligence is....
    The ability to adapt to the environment 
  13. Sternberg has found that _____ intelligence is a good predictor of success in life but has a low relationship to ______ intelligence.
    Practical ; analytical 
  14. According to sternberg, _________ is the ability to deal with new and different concepts to come up with new ways if solving problems
    Creative intelligence 
  15. An 8yr old child scores like an average 10yr old on an intelligence test would have a mental age of____ & IQ of ____.
    10 ; 125
  16. WAIS-IV scores are distributed in a bell or normal curve. What's accurate characteristic of those types of curves?
    Scores are clumped around the midpoint
  17. Most researchers who study the role of race & IQ testing have included that...
    Although differences between ethnic & racial groups on standardized tests may be demonstrated, the more likely factor in this difference is environmental 
  18. When soldiers in the military sustain head injuries, there is a __likelihood that these injuries are moderate to severe.
  19. Which of these is an element if the formal definition of mental retardation? 
    Adaptive behavior severely below a level appropriate for the persons age
  20. Which classification of developmental delay affects most of the population classified in this fashion?
  21. Beliefs that being gifted or a genius lead to being weird, socially awkward or likely to suffer from mental illness were put to test by....
    Termans longitudinal study of 1,528 gifted children 
  22. _______ intelligence has been suggested by Goleman to be a more powerful influence on life than more tradition views.
    Emotional intelligence
  23. According to famed linguist Noam Chomsky, humans have a innate ability to understand & produce language through a device he called...
    Language Acquisition Device (LAD)
  24. The linguist relativity hypothesis suggests that...
    One language determines the pattern of ones thinking and view of the world 
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