Chapters 1 & 3

  1. Health Assessment
    • a systematic method of collecting data about a client for the purpose of determining the clients:
    • 1. current and ongoing health status
    • 2. predicting risks to health
    • 3. identifying health promoting activities
  2. The nursing process: ADOPIE
    • Assessment
    • Diagnosis
    • Outcome Identification
    • Plan
    • Implement
    • Evaluation
  3. First Level Priority Problems
    IMMEDIATE: airway, breathing, cardiac/circulation, vital signs
  4. Second level priority problems
    • Immediate after treating first priority:
    • mental status change
    • acute pain
    • acute urinary elim problems
    • abnormal lab values
    • risk of infection, ect.
  5. Third level priority problems
    knowledge deficit, family coping, spiritual distress
  6. Subjective data
    what patient says.
  7. objective data
    what you observe, measurable
  8. Sign
    Data observed- vital signs
  9. symptom
    what patient tells you
  10. Health
    dynamic state in the life cycle; internal and external environment. Influenced by biological, psychological, spiritual, and social
  11. Wellness
    an active process wherein an individual experiences a balance in these factors: biological, psychological, spiritual, social
  12. Types of Data Bases (C.E.F.E.)
    • Complete
    • Episodic
    • Follow Up
    • Emergent
  13. Complete Data base
    complete health history and physical, describes current and past health state, forms a baseline against which all future changes are measured
  14. Episodic data base
    Problem centered. for limited or short term problem
  15. Follow Up data base
    on going problem
  16. Emergent
    rapid collection of data
  17. 4 Basic elements of culture****
    • Learned
    • Shared
    • Adapted
    • Dynamic
  18. Acculturation
    process by which an individual assumes the traits and behaviors of another culture, adapting to it, adopting its values, etc
  19. culture
    a complex, integrated system reflecting the whole human behavior and experience
  20. custom
    the habitual activity of a group or subgroup
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