Inoculation of Culture Media

  1. What are the ways to transfer bacteria?
    • broth culture to broth media
    • broth culture to solid media
    • solid media to solid media
  2. Is media sterile?
  3. What do we use in the lab to create fire?
    Bunsen burner
  4. What do we need fire for?
    • flaming transfer instruments
    • flaming the lips of the tubes
  5. What are the steps to lighting the Bunsen burner?
    • turn handle 1/2 turn
    • ignite with spark igniter
    • after lighting, adjust needle valve and air vent to achieve the ideal flame
  6. How do we hold the inoculating loop?
    like a pencil
  7. Why do we sterilize the inoculating loop starting from the top and moving towards the tip?
    limits aerosol production by allowing the loop to heat up more slowly than if it were thrust into the flame immediately
  8. Do we need to let the loop cool before touching the culture?
    yes, we don't want to burn and kill the bacteria
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Inoculation of Culture Media